Kvell Fitness and Nutrition - Boise

I am disappointed at how the gym works with customers.

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise is not worth your time and money. It is not the best of places to work out at. I tried and didn’t work out for me. It is expensive and you don’t work with professionals. The workouts are awkward and not what I expected.

At Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise, you don’t get what you pay for and I am not satisfied with customer’s service. The community is not friendly, and the staff members are rude. It’s an inconvenience for short working hours.

The large crowds make spaces tight to do workouts. There isn’t ample room for everyone. There are no showers and toilets for customers. At Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise, the service is up to no good. They don’t provide the best for customer’s service. The lack of interest in making the customer happy for additional requirements is not a priority. No showers and toilets at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise, show me the poorly managed staff do not consider customer’s needs.

The people at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise, are not warm and welcoming to customers. They are not knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and are unpleasant toward customers. Workouts are difficult and do not make the body feel relaxed. I felt neglected by staff during my workouts. Nobody showed an interest in making my stay there a pleasant one. Instructors ignored my questions and did not encourage workouts as I had expected from Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise.

Coaches are non-professional and don’t have training skills. They are not encouraging and don’t help customers with workouts. Instructors have a negative attitude with customers and don’t make workouts feel easy.

Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise are not motivators and don’t meet the needs of customers. Training at this gym doesn’t allow for safety measures when using the equipment.

Customers are not provided with a personal trainer for the high prices paid monthly, it is not worth joining for the poor services.

There are no challenging workouts and coaches are not fit for exercises. The lack of confidence in training daily at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise does not show good results.

Trainers are not helpful and discourage customers who are slightly overweight. The facilities are not clean, and this is not a place where you’ll see hygienic skills. No catering of all levels of fitness at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise

Customers need to perform workouts with great abilities. Instructors push customers to work harder to the point that they are hurt or uncomfortable and not able to do a workout. I did not experience a friendly or pleasant atmosphere at this gym. People are awful to each other for not having enough space to do workouts, and the staff doesn’t care to help improve the situation.

Staff members do not inform customers of the workout schedule and the different workouts. I do not recommend Kvell Fitness and Nutrition – Boise to anyone to join and experience the horrible customer’ service and unfriendliness, attitude as I have.

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