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Published: 27 August 2019

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So I found LA wheel on Ebay and thought it would be great to have my factory BMW wheels chromed. I made several inquiries to see how the process woudl work. I was also informed that they had used tires and since I needed tires I would include them as well. I asked about the used tires and was charged a premium price but was told that they were the OEM tires for my car Michelin and they were 80% tread. I ordered the wheels and waited for the wheels tires and center caps to arrive. They showed up and they looked great I was so happy. So being an auto tech I know tires and I checked the tread depth. They promised 80% tread that was not the case the tires were good but the tread depth was between 6 and 8/32 and since I know tires i know that these tires come brand new with 10/32 so if I give them the benefit and take 8/32 subtract the 2/32 that is the minimum legal tread I have 6/32 of usable tread. If I take 8/32 usable tread when new, and 6/32 tread left that is usable you get 75% tread not 80%. That was the tread for the best tire the worst was 6/32 and that leaves only 4/32 of usable tread. That was only 50% that is significantly less than the 80% I was quoted It is a good thing that I had a tread depth gauge and was familliar with tires otherwise I would have been scammed. So I called them with this discrepancy and they offered a meager partial refund that was not acceptable. I fought for a bigger refund and won. So at this point I was satisfied and mounted the wheels. I threw away the tires that were on the wheels and sent them back to get my $1000 deposit back. About 2 weeks later I get a call from one of the people at La wheel telling me that 2 of my rims were bent and I would not be getting my deposit back for those. I offered to have them chrome my “”bent wheels”” an I would send them back 2 of the wheels I have but was told that would void my warranty and I gave in. I would only be getting back half of my deposit and would still be keeping my so called “”warranty”” on the wheels. Let me state for the record that the wheels were fine when I parked the car in the driveway, and it had been sitting for over a month with a blown engine. I parked it there with a rod through the side of the block and there was no oil in the block. So there was no way I could have bent the wheels. The bent wheels is a scam that they pull on a lot of people. So Fast forward 4 months I still do not have a new engine and the car has been sitting. I look at the wheels and notice that the chrome is looking a little white. Upon closer inspection with magnification I can see tiny holes. These holes went all the way to the bare aluminum and the water has been getting through the holes and causing corrosion and the chrome is bubbling off the wheels. Two months later I can see the wheels are looking horrible and called La wheel for warranty. La wheel gave me the procedure for warranty I had to pay for the new wheels and when I sent back the defective wheels they would refund me the purchase price minus shipping. I could not afford all 4 wheels so I only sent 2 at first. Upon La wheel receiving my defective chrome wheels back they informed me that I would not be recieving a refund and the wheels were not defective. I was told the peeling was around the tire mounting area and that the tires were improperly mounted. I said great then refund me because I bought the wheels from you with the tires and they were mounted by you. I was told that the boss would be calling me. I finally got the call and was told that I used the wrong chemicals on the wheels and that is why the chrome was peeling. I said wait a minute the only thing that was ever used on the wheels is Tutle Wax car wash. He said that was ok then he told me that I had driven the car in the winter and had gotten road salt on the wheels and didn’t clean them properly. I said wait a minute I live in Orlando what road salt. I was then told by the owner that the chrome was not defective and that something got on the wheels when I drove the car. I had to correct him again by letting him know the car has had a blown engine since I purchased the wheels and has been sitting in my driveway. I was told that the chrome was not defective and I would not be getting the wheels warrantied and to not expect a refund. This was a problem for me since I had expected that I was doing business with a hones and ethical business…WRONG. I did not have the money for the wheel exchange and had put it on a friends credit card thinkng that I would get 2 wheels warrantied and then just pay the shipping and get the other 2 warrantied. Then I should get the refund on my friends credit card and only pay for the shipping. So I never did get the engine in the car or drive it again and six months later the “”new”” wheels were doing the same as the old wheels. These A*HOLES STOLE OVER $2000 FROM ME AND THEY SELL NOTHING BUT BAD CHROME WHEELS, LIES, EXCUSES, AND SCAMS TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. I tried to dispute the last charges on my friends credit card but was unsuccessful. It is hard to dispute on someone elses card apparently. Bottom line if you have a couple thousand dollars that you can’t find a way to loose just give LA Wheel a call and they will steal it from you…. .

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