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Published: 13 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am going to provide you with with an example of what it means to abuse the your position as a Labor Ready Branch Manager. In attempt to silence an ex boyfriend and former Labor Ready employee from exposing newly discovered criminal activity by her (Ana Escoto) and her son Raymond Escoto of check fraud, forgery, and theft of nearly $10000.00 back in December of 2011. She malicously retaliates by emotionally abusing thier 13 year old and severly. Months later it was discovered that Ana Esocto had been creating and fabricating fraudulent documentation (W-2 and pay stubs) to avoid paying any income taxes. In fact, 20 year Labor Ready branch manager was also stealing money from our Federal government by filing false imformation to obtaining money benifits that she was not legally entitled to recieve. It was later discovered that this veteran branch manager was very actively involved in the commission of crimes of Fraud in which she was defrauding the IRS by tax evasion, insurance defraud (medical and vehicular), Credit Card Fraud, involved Check Fraud, mail tampering, and varias labor law violations to name a few. In a desperate attempt to silence him she threatens him with “son for son” letting him know if her son Raymond suffers, then his son (they have a 13 yr old child together) will pay the price for his refusal to comply with her blackmail. The authorities were contacted but being an expert and a complusive pathological liar she managed to with them over by playing the role of a victim and redirected the attention at the father indicating that he is just saying that to avoid paying child support and they believed her having no proof because it did not exist the man has been medically disabled. Fearing that someone might believe him Ana launched an offensive in which she fabricated all sorts of lies against the father. After assassinating his character she decided to make her story believable and at the same time defraud him of his future settlement, she files for Calworks. Calworks screening policy made it easier for Ana to qualify for the financial public assistance. This opened the door to other county public assistance programs that she was not able to recieve, for example child support. She did not need it is he woman makes six figures and the father is still disabled and according to the law she wouldn’t get any child support but more than likely she would end up paying him child support. So in order to circumvent the Family Court and risk being discovered she goes through the one time screening process which then opens up the many different resources available through Calworks. However, you need to be jobless or work very little to no hours, 100 dollars or less, or a criteria rivaling homelessness. While in her officaial capacity as the branch manager of the Whittier location, Ana generates fraudulent documentation which she illegally uses to seeking and obtain (illegally) public welfare (because according to she cannot survive on a six figure income). After reading the 540+ pages of the Calworks policies I discovered that once a person passes the pre-screening, you no longer need to qualify again for any other type of public welfare assistance. Giving Ana Carte Blanche to the services she especially the child support. Ana succeeds in obtaing public welfare by producing the documentation needed to qualify and then verifies her own worker status as a temp worker for Labor Ready and omitted the information that she is the branch manager. For two and half years Ana Escoto is illegally receiving Calworks benifits and at the same time she is deliberately emotionally abusing the her own 13 yr old son just to spite the father. Until that little boy approached me Amd bled his heart out to me about his mother’s behavior. I promised that little boy that I would see you to his happiness. Well I contacted TrueBlue initially on October 31, 2012 and again on January 31, 2013. It gets ugly and I mean really bad. So after a year later, I return from my assignment back east, and I am informed that Ana is still employed at Labor Ready as the branch manager and still receiving public assistance. I also discover she pled “no contest” to severe emotional child abuse, but more importantly that she had been sexually been assaulting their teenage son who at the time was 13-14 years old when all sorts of lewd behavior was being inflicted on the minor child Livid at the criminal negligence of thisncompany who prides itself on their “Code of Ethics”. But what makes me more angry is the documented fact that they had known of Ana Escoto’s criminal activities in detail and they had been informed by Email, phone call and were mailed a 25 page detailed description of everything going on the as well as having been provided with certified documention to ensure that Ana would face justice. It wasn’t until I threatened to provide the father with the information that I had, that they panicked and terminated their 20 year employee but only after I made it clear to them that she pled No Contest to the complaint I filed with them 18 months ago. Disgusted at their inept irresponsibility I made sure they understood that had they done according to the policy Ana should have been incarcerated but do to stupidity and ignorance my narrative and the valid information fell on deaf stupid ears, resulting in the child molestation of that 14 year old. Now the company refuses to at the very least provide the father a letter indicating that her termination was due to having used false information to apply, obtain and recieve cash benefits for two and half years. This past monday the 25 of July 2014, the father was levied $12000.00 from his disability due to this Child molesting branch manager who they are not recognizing as an employee of the company. Im addition to that they are ignoring the father’s pleas to help provide documentation so that he may get his life back and fix all the wrong that their employee while in her official capacity as the branch manager knowingly and willingly has been defrauding our government and the father. Can anyone recommend a greedy and excellent attorney to sue this company for the obvious and I will gladly provide all the docmentation needed to accomplish this. In addition to that if anyone would like to assist in the incarceration of a parasite who was receiving a six figure salary and a.public assistance paycheck please contact the Los Angeles County DA attorney’s and report this charlatan. Her full name is Ana Celia Escoto, dob 2/18/1963 and who worked at the Whittier location. I have all the documentation to support this mentioned above and more.

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