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Published: 13 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My wife and I had the worst possible experience I could imagine with a dealership at Lakeland Toyota. It started with a phone call, from the dealership offering a great deal if we bought that day. We did not seek out a car as we were fine with the vehicle we had, however, with the offer we had an idea of a deal that would earn our business. I specifically asked to speak to the sales manager and gave the criteria that I would show up for and it was the only way we would do a deal. I provided my information via a credit app and he said I qualified for the deal they were offering. I told him my payment that I was comfortable with, 550. He said he could make it happen but had to confirm the condition of the vehicle we owned that they called about for the deal, if we brought the vehicle in we would have our deal in 30 minutes. The vehicle we bought new, owned for 18 months only had 10k miles on it. The trade would work according to Manny the sales manager we had been dealing with so far after we arrived at 6 pm. His supervisor Gabe had been working on the deal. We were told that it would work, thus I waited, and waited, and finally at 10pm with much back and forth and me going up to 600 for the very good deal we would be getting, I was told we couldn’t get the deal as we requested and I said it was time for me to leave. The shock on their faces that I would walk on the deal was humorous but I stressed that I did not need a new car and we were fine with the one we had. I was driving away when the sales manager came running out, we have the deal!!! So I came back in and spent another hour and a half to get the paper worked signed. Leaving with the new car at 1130pm with a deal at 599 with no money down. I spent 5 minutes ensuring with the finance guy Richard the deal met my guidelines and the payment was set. He assured me it was, but my wife had to sign the deal also, which was news to me but a small hurdle. I was happy with the deal and felt good about it though everything was so difficult getting to the deal. I asked Richard for a specific time to show up for the final deal paperwork the next day, which he said to call and let him know when we were heading over and he would be ready. I called and he said we were good to go and he would see me soon. We arrive at the dealership and are waiting a few moments to go to the table with Richard. Richard is near by and is about to take another customer in front of us though he said we were next and this was planned the night before so I spoke up quickly. I had already spent 5 hours I would never get back the night before so I politely asked for us to be taken care of, as previously agreed upon. He agreed and we were on our path. We are at the table at 6ish with Richard and I was satisfied the deal met with the plan my wife and I had and was guaranteed by the many managers and sales person at the dealership, but the deal had drastically changed. 650 payment and now 1000 down, first time I had heard these number and I had signed paper with a different amount the night before, I was livid. I just spoke to this guy and he knew my very specific arrangement and he did not bother to mention such a drastic change on the phone before i showed up. I explained my frustration to Richard and said I want my keys that I was finished with this nonsense. He then hurried to the sales manager area to try and fix it or so I thought. 30 minutes later, a sales manager named Clive came out to speak to me and explained that the manager, Gabe, that had made the deal was the only one that could make it work but he was off today. I said in a much louder voice that this was very unacceptable because I could have been told this prior to coming in and was not and the deal was not met as I was guaranteed it was. He then said I had no right to raise my voice. I quickly explained that a failure in customer service of this magnitude is a very good reason to have a heated discussion with a customer service individual. I then asked again for my keys and again was met with shock that I would not take a deal that was not what I asked for or was promised. I was livid, but not near as livid as my wife. My wife, who still had a key to her vehicle went to the used car lot and pulled our car up and I demanded my plate back from the car we were purchasing. This was the worst experience I have ever had and VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE AVOIDS LAKELAND TOYOTA. Liars and crooks a plenty. Many hours spent listening to lies, never getting what I asked for, and the complete lack of customer service is mind blowing!!! .

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