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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On September 27th, 2018 i received a email stating i was fully approved for a loan with Langridge financial and to contact them to verify the terms and conditions to of my loan so i contacted this gentleman to discuss the term of the loan of $5000.00 .Once contact was made he told me i would need to have collateral of a home or car which i do not have so he said there was a plan b to make a loan fee of $645.00 and the loan would be released between 2-4 hours.I complied in doing so because i really needed this loan.So i was instructed to send the $645.00 via western union because there was a issue with CIBC banking which he said they dealt with.I told him how do you do that because i never sent money through like that before.He said just go to a western union and call him back and he would instruct me on how to do it. | So i called him and he gave me the information on who to send to which i was concerned because it was a womans name and not the company(i was told it was going directly to the lender and the funds would be released once she received it).So the money was sent i called back with the information and he said money would be sent.After waiting all night no funds were deposited .I called back in the morning spoke to him and he transferred me to his said manager.After speaking with her she said there was a second review on the loan and the lender wanted a fee of $1000.00 before releasing the funds.At this point i didnt know what to do and told her i didnt have these kind of funds as to why i needed a loan in the first place.She did say then i could just get a refund at that point or if i can come up with funds they would process the loan.I did come up with the funds in hoping to get this loan and called her back.I was then instructed to send funds the exact same way and to call her back . | I sent funds and called her back with info she said i would have my loan that evening.Again after waiting all night no money came in. I called again next morning in contact with her who then transferred me to the so called president of this company who then said i had to pay for some insurance on the loan and i asked how much it was like another $1000.00. I was so mad and told him its not going to happen i dont have it and at this point i knew i was not getting this loan .I told him i want all my money back.I was told i could get a refund but would take 15-30 days.I was not happy with that i wanted it back the same way i sent it.He then hung up on me. | Since then i have called my local police,and western union to report fraud.I have since found out the money i transferred was picked up in Oshawa Ontario in which just doesnt make sense if company was in Alberta Canada and New York USA.I have been Scammed and frauded out of $1755.00 Im not sure who these people are so I am asking for help to investigate and stop it from happening for others also would be nice to get my funds returned

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