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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: DRChurch

After 3 short months the memory foam got amnesia and has never recovered. It took me 3 years to address this issue as I was ill and unable to gather necessary information to apply for a replacement mattress, but I knew I had a full ten year warranty. After 14 full days of being directed and advised my evidence was overwhelmingly in my favor of a bed replacement. Finally on the 14th day I was issued an RMA # with only ten (10) days to package and ship back the bad mattress which, in my humble opinion, is a gross misuse of funds as the photos and videos prove explicitly that the bed is irreperable. You have to have special tools to make the bed small enough to fit in the $50.00 shipping box, which is how they send us the bed so cheaply. I can’t suck the air out of a queen size bed so I can shove it in a tiny box making it cost effective to return. To get your faulty bed replaced you must return the bad bed (at what ever the cost) plus send $50 USD to cover the replace/repair. Roger actually suggested I cut the visco elastic top off, send that part back and put on a new topper. WHAT?? I am sure he knows that the average consumer does not have the fusing, compressing and rolling tools that they have at the facility. So, how would I re-attatch the visco top? I wrote back after Roger issued an RMA # that fell short 4 days of payday which is when I could get the money to return a bad product and pay shipping for the replacement. Roger said NO, it is against company policy. I re-mailed him after a few days of brainstorming to cancel that RMA until I had money to return the bed. He has never responed. I do not know where I stand on my future return. Also, it was never clear if I would get a NEW bed or if they were going to try to jimmy this bed to seem workable. Exerpt from their site: At this facility, we laminate (glue) the foam layers together, compress, roll and ship all of our memory foam products. By handling all of these processes in-house, we are able to keep our overhead low. This in turn allows keeping our prices lower than most Memory Foam Mattress producers in the country. We also concentrate on selling by volume. Buyer beware. Bad Beds and Bad Service.

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