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Published: 21 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So I moved to Atlanta about a year ago. I rented a house from a gentleman and all was well. It was a three bedroom house with two car covered parking, a porch etc. For 750.00 a month. Although it was in a bad area the rent was great for what I got. Anyways, my lease ended there and I began looking for apartments, I stumbled on Laurell hills reserve a JRK property. The rent was the cheapest in the area with the most to offer, I went around and looked at others before finally deciding on Laurell hills, the gentleman that signed me up was named Jeremiah and he was great. Helped me with everything I asked for. Answers all my inquires no matter the time of day. So I thought I was moving into a decent place that would treat me right. Off the bat everything was fine. | Then came the problems, I got a dog, they charged me a 400 fee for the dog and continue to charge me 15$ a month for the dog. The 400 dog fee is non refundable even if there is no damage from having the dog. It’s a 175$ fee if you don’t pick up your dog poop as well. Crazy right? Well it gets worse. Two days ago I was walking to my car and noticed a sticker on the window stating it would be towed if the registration was not fixed. So I drove my other car and went ahead and took care of the registration via the little card they mail you when your close to expiring. Wellll today which is only two days after the sticker was placed there im at work and my girlfriend calls to let me know they towed my car. Sooo I’m pretty upset but figure I’ll call and get it sorted. | So I call, they listen to my story and tell me to call the tow company and see if they will help me out seeing as the car was properly registered just didn’t have the sticker on it because I had not received it in the mail yet. So around and around I go. The tow company points fingers at the apartment complex and the apartment complex points fingers at the tow company. So I come to the front office and request a lease agreement so I can read the fine print. In the fine print it states that the management has full authority to tow any car that is “unsightly, embarassing, immobile, damaged beyond repair, so on and so forth, including if you don’t have the registration sticker present. So I tell them they should have given me a notice and more time to fix the problem as 2 days was not enough. | They basically tell me I’m screwed as nicely as they can and send me on my way. So I call JRK and speak with a service representative who basically tells me exactly the same thing. Not to mention the reason I wasn’t driving the car was due to the expired tag I had received a warning for by police about a week prior to them stickering my car. So I basically give up. I drove around the neighborhood and saw that not only were the other cars that had expired tags still here but that the ones in the back that were completely trashed and hadn’t moved so long the brakes were rusted and tires nearly if not completely flat were still there. Which instantly irritated me beyond belief. Why would they tow my car after two days of notice and not these bs cars that can’t move and haven’t moved in months. They tow the guys car that’s doing the right thing by not driving it until it’s legal again and works from 7 to 7 everyday over a stupid sticker. | Costing me a full days work not including gas and time. So I went back to the office and asked why I was targeted and they had no real reply, they shrug it off telling me their sorry it happened and that the lease agreement says this and that. But what I don’t understand is how they can basically make up their own rules and also how they can tow your car without giving you the chance to fix the problem. Two days to obtain an out of state registration sticker is nearly impossible. Point being that these people will screw you any way they can and they never help you out. They charge you 175 late fee for rent if your 1 day late making it even harder for people who might be scraping by to survive. So on and so forth. They charge you out the a*s to end your lease early and there’s a whole list of fees in the agreement. I signed it without reading most of it as a lot of people do and now I’m stuck giving money to these rude, greedy, inconsiderate pricks. Do not move into a JRK owned property or you’ll be next.

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