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Unprofessional and Irrationally Immature Behavior

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Published: 17 June 2019

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Andre\’s (AJ C.) young girlfriend, Lauren Rice (alias Ember Dew), is an aspiring photographer. Although she can seem nice in her best of moods, she\’s a tempestuous, disrespectful, irrational, immature little girl in handling conflict where there\’s two sides to a story. There\’s no reasoning with her even when there\’s a misunderstanding of sorts. Like Andre, she runs with emotions and assumptions rather than exercise self-control and think with logic, common sense and an unbiased mindset. She just blindly believes whatever Andre says when he doesn\’t have proof and just makes things up and play the victim card–not taking personal responsibility for his mistake/misconduct. Also, she angrily cussed me out by telling me to go f*** myself (which sounds like her spitefully telling me to go die). Plus, she\’s the type to bring others into the drama even when they\’re not involved…badmouthing and gossiping about me to others about the bullshit that Andre told her about me. In the first place, she doesn\’t really know me (neither does her boyfriend, for that matter) to be saying all that smack and jumping to conclusions. Would you want to deal with such a naïve, immature, tempestuous, dramatic gossiper?

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