Law Office of Stuart S Dumas

Law Office of Stuart S Dumas

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This attorney stuart dumas is a scam artist and should be looked at and investigated for doing behind the scene accomidations in your legal case Not in your favor .in my case actually my fiance emil alseryani case was a nightmare and all couldve been avoided if we were to have the right represemtation in court the case lasted from december of 2014 to febuary 2016.he recieved a total of 11,000$ thats not including his uber to & from court during trial and 20$for his lunch each day .ok from the beginning of this case after we recieved copy of the police report we told him that it was all lies and falsified fro start to finish .so as time moved on het old us this case was a throw out case and everything looked good for emil my fiance we trusted him and his professional opinion and advice .so he strung along this case till finally it either had to go to trial or settle for a deal.well in this particular case my fiance to finish.he did not defend him in any way shape or form, if anything he worked against us. | I feel he did nothing to defend his client and was very rude and gave s false hope and fake promises andnot one was fullfilled he even went as far as promising that upon release of my fiance Emil ,that he would not be taken by immigration ,that he has a friend in ICE and asked him a favor and therefore Emil wouldnt have to worry about going into their custody.Well as we speak he is sitting in Adelanto immigration facility.This whole disappointing damaging and heartbraking journey all began the second Stuart Dumas was retained on this case .in december 2014 christmas morning to be exact.we were driving in downtown pulled over and thats when the sherrif from metro division began to fullfill his plan to arrest and convict an innocent man again in order to move up on the employment status ladder with the sherriff dept .He has now became lieutenant since my fiance arrest.go figure …..gee i wonder how many iother innocent lives hes destroyed to achieve his lieutenent tittle. | anyhow we asked dtuart dumas to please run a pitchess motion on the officer the police report is all fabricated and lies.he failed by choice to do so with constant requests.he also lied at one point in court and said he did file for a pitchess motin “verbally”what ever that means but there was never anything filed.he had us pay for a prvt investigator for which he never used in the trial.we also had to pay for the expert in which whose testimony was used.there wasan occasion that emil had a court date and the bailliff said that he did not have his name on the list so i called the attorney and let him knw this .he insisted that emil did have court so we checked another court room and sure enough no court scheduled for emil on that particular day but the weird thing was that ther e was a court apperance in some hispanic name in the alternate courtroom as Stuart Dumas as the attorney ….to this day i still find that paculiar . | So finally as time went on it went to trial alot of court rules on Stuarts part were beoken and he never ever pointedout things that should have been even things the DA were geting away with .he told us not to pursue or make a big deal out of the fact that the sheriff stole my money 4200$ that was put safely away in my purse and wallet ,it was christmas morning i still had shopping to do and also was given cash as christmas gifts.they basically stole that money and took it with them as they took the love of my life away in handcuffs and would not tel him or me why they were taking him to jail.later i realized that he needed to take that money so he can altercate the truth and make up a story that was labled the police incident report by the way they thrashed the car and searched it for 2 hours at least .so they booked the money as evidence but there was 1100$missing from what i had in my purse and wallet .i could go on and on but that would take for ever . | i bailed fiance out of jail .and to our best knowledge we thought wehad a trustworthy attorney and we trusted him ,he only lied to us took our money as payment and did nothing to help us only to help us get into such a difficult situation that i am still trying with my heart mind and soul to reolve and get some Justice.he has ruined or life the day before the verdict me and emil searched for anything regarding this sheriff and emil did find one article involving the same sheriff it was a lawsuit i los angeles at a federal court where sheriff justin walter and 3 oter cops were founf guilty by a federal jury and had to pay out punitive damages etc… it didnot state the nature of the case nor did it explainany detail about what and why .so we emailed and text messeged it tostuart dumas and again that next moring on the way to court his response wass “oh its looks like it was just some county jail thing ,wont help you.we both pleaded with him tobring it to the courts attention he ignored us and our requests and took us for granted nd deliberately lied to us about everything and caused my emil to get found guilty and repremanded hr has been in custody this whole time since febuary of 2016 .This is the only good news i called down to the attorneysoffice that defended the victim in the 2010 federal court his name was mr jonas out of jonas and driscoll law firm he was not in his office and by the time he did get back to me it was too late emilmwas already put in cuffs.but i asked mr jonas what that case wasa pertaining to.he told me that the same cop who pulled us over and arrested my emil is the same cop that beat up a innocent manput him in acoma then planted crack cocaine on him to justify the beating.well that man later sued him in court along with 3 other crooked bad cops and he won . | well i hired mr jonas and fired stuart dumas .mr jonas respectfully asked the judge to hold off on sentencing and to please give him time to file the motioin and clean up staurts mess and rightfully defend emil against police corruption and a few court dates later the judge then granted my emil a bail .i was so happy but not for long he stepped out of county jail and straight into the custody of ICE .well stuart had already told us he had a friend in immigration and there was not a hold nor were they going to put a hold on emil but theydid now they will not expedite him to los angeles court he has missed2 hearings and in order to release him from immigration he needs to appear in la cort so the judge can dismiss or call mistrial .he has immigration court date pending soon at the end of this month august.and still has not been able to get to court in los angeles the judge has ordered him to court submitted a writ of transportation also a held warrant and still no answer or response so finally the LA judge has ordered a bench warrant and has not scheduled another appearance .he wants emil alseryani to be present in LA court and and will not proceed with out him present at the same time immigration will nit expedite to court and will not grant a immigration bail beacause even though its still an open case hes still ended up in their custody and that usually only happens when all other oblogations or court appearances or time has been served then but not in this case .thanks alot stuatrt you are the worst attorney in the world and thank GOD FOR ATTORNEYSlike glen jonas who believes and fights for justice .beware of staurt dumas and los angeles metro sherfiff oh yah the d2010 fed case was never disclosed to the public nor the courts jusrt swept under the carpet buy the sherrfiff dept .i believe they in violation of the Brady Law

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