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Published: 01 January 2018

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Lewis 5 motorsports in Michigan are thieves and liars. My story is almost identical to Kenny Brown who submitted his experience also. I ordered a set of fenders from Sue at Lewis 5 motorsports. When I spoke to her she was so friendly on the phone, and why wouldn’t she be, she was ready to steal my money without me even knowing about it until it was too late. On 5-5-15 I ordered my fenders. Sue politely told me they no longer take PayPal due to “all the extra fees that they charge and they don’t want to have to pass on to the customer,” which should’ve sent me running but it didn’t. Being a fairly large business owner myself I just took her at her word and decided I would finish the transaction. I gave her my credit card number and she ran my card for $1038.99. I gave her my shipping address and hung up. Lo and behold, six days later I saw a second charge for the exact same amount on 5-11-2015. I immediately picked up the phone and called Sue…but she never picked up the phone for two days straight until I finally left her a message that it was urgent we talk. Now I have to pause here and make one quick point. At no time through any of my dealings with Lewis 5 did anyone ever answer the phone, they only call back. So, she calls me back FINALLY and I asked her why she charged me twice for the fenders I ordered a week ago. She made up some lame excuse about some new girl being in the office. I said what does the new girl have to do with it I paid six days ago and you sent me a confirmation email. She apologized and swore she would refund my money for the second charge. A week and a half goes by and I start reading some of the other issues that people I’ve had with Lewis 5. So now I’m sitting here $2100 poorer and nothing to show for it. That’s one charge for fenders plus one fraudulent charge and still no refund. I phone her again multiple times with no response whatsoever. I never got my money back for the fraudulent charge or the fenders she charge me for and it was now the May 27. Three weeks into this whole ordeal my frustration level has gone through the roof. I have had multiple contacts with her through email only and decided I was going to take matters into my own hands. I sent her an email canceling my original order and told her of what I was going to. I told her that my credit card company was going to issue me a credit back and that their fraud department and their lawyers were going to come after her and that she was no longer dealing with just me.I filed a dispute with my credit card company for a fraudulent charge that I never authorized and the second dispute for not receiving a refund after canceling my order due to the lack of them being able to provide me with the product. A day and a half later after not receiving a response from her with what I was going to do I decided to get nasty. I told her that I was going to let everybody know on the Internet about their business practices and that they are thieves and take peoples money that doesn’t belong to them. I told her I was going to make sure that everybody knew what kind of business person she was and to not do business with them. She immediately called me on my phone, which I didn’t answer. Followed by three emails asking if there’s anything she could do for me. She said she had no idea that I hadn’t got my money back and that the refund was issued and already taken out of her account. All of which is a lie! I have a Visa account for businesslink and I know that refunds are as fast as charges. It is June 3 and I still have not received my money back from Lewis 5 motorsports. I have been given every excuse in the book from their accountant made a mistake to they have a new girl in the office to they just moved shops…blah blah blah! I did receive my money back from my credit card and I’m told that they are going to continue to pursue them for fraudulent activity that is been reported to visa by many people. Stay away from these thieves. There is too many good businesses out there don’t cast your pearls to swine! .

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