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Published: 14 July 2019

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Unethical comes to mind. After my Dentist of 25 years retired, I was referred to Dr. Wallace Lipp, D.D.S. by a friend. I went in for a routine cleaning & checkup on 11/16/12 and was informed that 1 of my molars ( 30) needed a crown, as it was cracked. I agreed and we moved forward on 12/04/12. After the preparation was made and I got home, I noticed that my entire gum line on the bottom right (spanning 4 teeth, 28-31), had been lasered. (This was an area that had been through extensive & painful gum grafting 7 years prior in 2005. Tooth base structure reinforcement work had also been previously performed on these same teeth as well on opposite side. I was pleased with the results of the joint efforts of dentist & my periodontist). I called Dr. Lipp, concerned about the current condition of my gums and teeth. He told me he had “smoothed out”/ “trimmed” the gum line and sanded the base, sides and top of my adjacent bicuspids and rear molar ( 28-31)! I was not informed nor did I consent to these procedures. Again, I agreed to the installment of the 30 crown only. When I returned on 12/08/12 to install the crown, he removed the temporary crown and I asked him about a “new silver filling” I found in my rear molar 31. Dr. Lipp then informs me he had “discovered a cavity” and drilled a large hole and filled it with a silver/mercury filling. Again, he did this without my knowledge or consent! Over the years, as my dental records will document, I have had my silver fillings replaced with (mercury free) plastic type fillings. I would not have approved of a silver filling had I been asked. I am now experiencing pain and sensitivity to hot & cold on all 4 teeth that Dr. Lipp “treated”. The structure work I had in 2005 to assist my gum surgery had been altered by Dr. Lipp’s sanding!!! Dr. Lipp also sanded the back molar ( 31) down significantly, leaving it rough with a “sharp point” on top that now cuts my tongue! Again, this is all without my knowledge or consent!!! I called Dr. Lipp again for an explanation and he said “he did what he felt needed to be done”. At this point, the crown does not fit properly and food is getting compacted around and under the crown due to the “trough” he created and the sanding at the base, sides and top of the other 3 teeth. The “bite” is off and is affecting the 2 molar. All of this work was done lacking informed consent and is considered “battery”. I am in the process of having another dentist repair all the damage he has created. Aside from the poor outcome of my dental treatment and the unethical practice of performing procedures without consent, I feel that Dr. Lipp’s personal manner is unprofessional. As a new patient and not a personal friend, I found it unusual that he would engage me in “political rhetoric” as well as other non dental related discussions during the treatment. This is truly the worst dental experience this 52 year old male has ever had and I suggest anyone that reads this heed the warning. *** Update 8./30/14 The 4 molars that Dr. Lipp ground at the base without my permission have now opened up to root erosion.

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