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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is a complete JOKE and the owner LIES so much he cannot separate the truth from out right falsehoods. My expereince with him was not limited to a few days or weeks but was over an extended period of time. Too many inconsisties in this mans story about everything. I have had several (at least 6 that I can verify with PROOF) that they were charged multiple times. Errors in product shipments and many many many people upset that the hard earned money they paid for a corporate event tickets was never returned. I know that to be true in my case as well as EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I spoke to that registered. NO ONE was refunded. NO ONE. The event was canceled the day before it was supposed to happen. Believe that? The day before. Oh, wait…I do know of one distributor that sort of got a refund. They asked for their money, Randy offered product in lieu, he sent the wrong product AND STILL charged the distributor for the product! This guy is incredible. He tells a good story to get you to buy off on the HELP he will give you but he is seriously a one man show. The Co is based out of his house, warehouse in his basement, shipping out of his living room, the corp line is his personal cell number and the corporate email forwards to his personal gmail. Talk about NOT READY FOR THE BIGTIME! Look at his website…His ‘EXECUTIVE’ Team consists of 5 people PLUS him. Of the 5 ‘EXECUTIVES’ (2) of them are Ex-Distributors NO LONGER with the company. (2) are not actually working for the Co they are both ‘SOON TO BE’ hired when the company gets big enough and the last one, well I hope he comes to his senses. Randy will outright LIE to you about his company. His products come with a compelling story and his comp plan is an interesting take BUT ITS FILLED WITH HOLES. Ive personally seen him move downlines because this or that leader ‘PISSES HIM OFF’ and I have seen him LIE over the phone to people telling them ‘This person or that person’ joined the company when they have IN FACT NOT JOINED. When it comes to the marketing its all smoke and mirrors. Ive seen this man stand in front of the room and promise the group that xyz will happen by such and such time to find out later there were always strings attached. I know of 5 distributors who all WON a contest to end up with NOTHING! (1) won a cruise – never got it! (4) won some special weekend getaway – never got it! This guy is a flavor of the month kind of CEO. He loves you when you are putting him on the phone with people then hates you when you are not and hes off to the next producer in the downline. Trouble is… I personally put him on the phone with 15 different people from 4 different companies… NOT A SINGLE ONE JOINED THE CEO. NOT ONE HAD ANY BELIEF HE WAS FOR REAL! The call before the call goes like this… Hey get so-and-so on the line and I will offer him a deal. (Im thinking where’s my deal right? nowhere to be found) And then when so-and-so gets on the phone they ask all the right questions like, Tell mw about the financial strength of the company? Are you prepared with updated marketing materieals for a new market? What is your online marketing system like to recurit online? Who are your corp execs and tell me about their experience? And all you hear Randy do is dance and seriously the last 4 calls with this guy felt like he was making it up on the fly. I have no problem with bootstrapping it up but man, dont lie about it. I am all good with CS making a mistake now and again, but dont pretend its the distrbutors fault the wrong product gets sent. Im ok with having to send product back to excange an incorect order but dont double charge me. Im even ok with you telling me you have Network Marketing Expereince and you know what youre doing but dont tell me youve signed people up that you know good and well have not signed up. Ive listened to calls with this guy outright lying to Distributor A about Distributor B to then hear him two hours later lying to Distributor B about Distributor A. If the ownership, leadership, shipping, billing, accounting, recognition, marketing, training and mlm exerience is all in one person and that person lies as often as I know he does, then it is your fault if you choose to hop on board with this man and his company. Oh he did add another ‘Executive, Master Distributor’ who is to remain nameless based on Randy’s email and FB postings, (well not sure if hes officially signed up yet, lol, see above) and this guy is going to be supplying, in Randy’s words, “Millions of FREE Leads” to the distributors who are on an ‘ACTIVE AUTOSHIP’ the trouble is… I looked this cat up and found out he is under federal indictment for a $350M Scam and goes back to civil court this Sept 2015 – Yeah ok have THAT guy give me leads, NO THANK YOU. LivinitGlobal at YOUR OWN RISK! .

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