Long Island Limousine Service Group

Long Island Limousine Service Group

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Published: 08 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On or about may 7 2016 i booked a round trip transpot from JFK to smithtown for my oldest daughter to attend her sisters graduation the following weekend. I chose LIALS because two months prior I used them to drive her to JKF, and having no issue with the first trip, there was no reason to think this would be any different. Sad to say, Boy was I wrong. The pick up portion from JFK went ok, or so i thought. The details of this only came out after the return trip was under way. | Pick up to return back to JFK started with the dirver being 10 minutes late from the schedueled time. schedueled by LIALS, but with three hours prior to the flight who cares. The fact that the driver pulled up in front of the house smoking a cigarette is where the diappointment starts. I would be hard pressed to believe it would be smart as a driver to smoke in the van, but to pull up late with thwe cigarette in his mouth? well it wouldnt be the stupidest thign he would do on this trip. At first, no courtesy or effort was made to take the one large bag and put it in the van, the cigarette was more important. Then when he decided to get out to put the bag in the van he threw the cigarette butt on the ground in fromt of the house. | Needless to say the van is a disgusting cesspool of rancid ashtray odor, that for many like my daughter is a nauseating, stomach turning environment. So now off to the races, at least for the driver it seems. I was not home at this time. My daughter texted my wife that the driver was giong in excess of 75 MPH. this is the part that makes my blood boil. The total lack of concern for his own wellbeing is of little concer to me, till the point that it can effect others, that’s one matter, but who is he to endanger my daughters life with his wreckless actions. The audacity to be so dangerious with the safety and life of my daughter and the lives of others in the vehicles apound him. At this minute I want to type Twenty curse words to discribe me loathing for him. | Upset, motion sick, on the verge of vomiting from the ashtray ride and crying. I got home, my wife told me what was happening I said dont tip him I would Call Lou in the morning and tell him what had happened. the terminal assignments do not change. airlines have spicific terminals. well this abusive, incompetent, lousy excuse for a driver dropped her at the wrong terminal. on the verge of tears, after giving her her bag, she proceeded to turn and walk away and the driver approached her and acosted her yelling 20% tip-20% tip | Dizzy, Crying, Sick, And alone now to await her flight there was little we could do for her, except to hope her flight goes well, and she feels better before take off. Needless to say I immedately called LIALS and spoke to Jeff. I relayed the events to him and being a Saturday he said i would need to call back on monday. I found this a bit strange that after such a serious matter of complaint, I would need to call back, rather then some one feeling the need to call me ? | Well Lou listened and passed me off to his manager Greg who promissed me six different ways to sunday after speaking to the driver he would ge back to me. Customer service from the drivers to the management is NON-EXISTANT Greg could care less. No respect.Not a man of his word by and means. would never ever use LIALS again and i will continue to tell any and all of the dangerious expioerence that took place.. | No way, Never again. From top to bottom of that company just bad business.I am diabled and I often have a lot of free time to spend passing along the message of poor customer service, DAILY!!!

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