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Published: 31 December 2022

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Officers responded to a noise compliant of possible domestic violence. My friends and I just got home to the place I was living at off fairway in pine tree. Two males I was with are long time childhood buddies they decided to wrestle in front yard, that’s when neighbors called. On arrival the officers walked around to the back door without even knocking on front door first, there they saw us all standing in kitchen with back door wide open as soon as I saw them I immediately stepped out the back door shutting it behind me to protect my friends from possible public intoxication charge, asking if I could help the officers with something. They replied concerned about noise of possible fighting, I told them it was just friends rough housing, then cracked the door to ask them to step out so the officers can see they were ok. The cops then asked who all was in the house I replied I rent one bedroom in a 3 to 4 room house that are also rented out idk who all was in there, and yes being drunk I also included that it wasn’t any of their business so without a warrant they weren’t gunna find out, then they asked if there were drugs in the house. At which I replied the same with attitude, they then asked if any of us had drivin home that night to which I replied that the state law was if they had keys in their hand or if they are in the vehicle only then can someone be charged with DWI or DUI afterwards made it clear that they no longer had a right to be there because the 2 in the fight, had come forward and everyone was alright. At that time they ran my name found an 6yr old traffic violation and said i was under arrest. I DID NOT RESIST I am 5 ft tall and 110 lbs, and knew I’d be out the next morning it was just traffic ticket. The police officer grabbed me by the wrist twisting around my back so far the palm of my hand was touching my hair line on the back of my neck, I told him he broke it and cussed him between tears the entire way to lock up where they booked, stripped me down naked put me in a big heavy black bag thing and threw me in solitaire, then released me in record time, 2 hrs! No one has ever been out that fast. As soon as I found a ride, I went to the hospital, my mistake was telling them a cop did it because the next thing I know they claim it’s not even sprang but they put this heavy duty wrist brace on it and told me to not take it off for 4 to six weeks

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