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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Let me start by saying that I have not even tasted the food. I’m the maid of honor of a bride that Susie Morgan has just recently lost the business of, and concurrently, so did Rosegate Venue in Florence, MS. When we first started off setting up to work with Loose Ends, we were told a price and what would be included, approximately $18-20 per person expected to be in attendance (100-150). The estimate we got was not only poorly drawn up and near about nonsensical, but also did not include everything we were told would be. The estimate we received was more along the lines of $28/person. I’ll let you do the math. Now in preface to the coming onslaught of negativities: the venue owner, Linda, recommended herself that we should find someone else to do the cakes, because though the food was great, Susie’s cakes were not the best. This caused us to shop around for other people to do the cake, and found their prices to be MUCH cheaper for a DELICIOUS product. Because of the huge price difference, we decided to look at another florist for only the bouquets and bouts. Come to find out, those were much cheaper as well. At this point, we let Susie know that we would only need her services for the food and the rest of the floral. Not only, first off is Susie the hardest person to get to answer your questions, but also she is rude and very unprofessional. Because we had “”changed up everything”” (we had been in negotiation over the outrageous food prices as well), she refused to do anything but cook the food and set it up. Everything else was on us and she wouldn’t lift a finger for decorations, the rest of the flowers (she told us “”I don’t share floral jobs with anyone,””), clean up, etc…. Now considering how OVER PRICED she is compared to how “”affordable”” she BRAGS to be, this became proposterous. We, like any other normal people would do, attempted to set up a meeting to sit down with her and discuss everything so that we knew what was going on and what the price would be, but she told us that she did not have time for us, that she was going to Gulf Shores and we could meet with her when it was convenient for her to do so. (Wait….wasn’t the bride paying her to do her job as a caterer….? Hmmm.) Finally she proceeded to inform us that not only would she do nothing else, that from this point forward, everything was non-negotiable, as well as letting us know that she had sent our emails to other caterers who, so she said, promptly informed her she should not do our wedding at all. OH and don’t let me forget that, instead of giving us everything in writing, what the deposit was going to be, and the deadline it was due by, she confronted us saying that she had not received the deposit and it was due on X date at the very latest with the rest due on X date. We had not even come to a final price because of all of her jerking-around of her clients. When we responded she had never given us that information, nor a contract, she blamed us, saying that, when she hires someone for a job, that is the first thing she asks. Well as a business owner, the bride responded that the first thing she does is get everything put into righting, followed by making sure the client knows what everything is going to cost, when to pay it, and what that costs includes down to the very tee. We attempted to inform Linda and Rosegate of what was going on with her choice of business partner, to which we were told that we HAD to use Susie for the food, that there would be no exceptions made. We cancelled with the venue and with Susie and have since changed location and caterer that has better food and is cheaper at $12 per person. To top it all off, the bride received an Email from Susie No-Name stating that she “”forgave”” the bride for what she did. (Cancelling the venue, and attempting to negotiate prices, then writing a review of her experience on the business’s Facebook page). Since the review was put up, all reviewing abilities on Loose Ends facebook page, found here: www.facebook.com/looseends.weddings , have been disabled. You can also check here: www.jiggettshome.com/ for her webstie and to see exactly what venues she has full control over. We cancelled our business relationshiop with Loose Ends almost 2 weeks ago, and the bride is still being harrassed via email. IN SUMMARY: A) She is impossible to work with B) She is over priced and less than sub par C) She is highly unprofessional D) If you don’t use her for everything, expect her to pitch a fit like a child and do nothing, followed by defacing you to her friends and colleagues. E) She has Rosegate so much under her thumb that you are allowed to use no one but her, otherwise… no dice. F) Her product, at least her baking, is subpar (otherwise why would the venue owner tell us to search elsewhere for someone to cakes) G) She is a liar. H) She likes to get the last word in, regardless of the situation J) She will harass you when you finish business with her. My advice: Don’t use Susie for anything. And if you do prepare for a huge bill, terrible service, and the biggest headache you could ever imagine… I have been to many weddings, I have been in 2 as a matron of honor, and have either planned or assisted in planning 3 just this year, including my own… and I have NEVER seen the likes of the unprofessionalism this woman exhibits. .

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