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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Over eight years ago I had a mesh medical device put in my body at the urgency of my Medical doctor due to my bladder problems and the everyday constant pain I was in. The device put in my body is a Medical mesh sling device to hold my bladder up and to prevent bladder leaking. The device name is “Caldara” which had been recalled and lawsuits were filed in mass numbers. I had part of the device removed but the doctors could not remove all of it because flesh had grown over the device. Having the device in me for over eight years now has caused me severe pain and suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. I cannot hold my bladder I often urinate on myself I have to wear adult diapers. I have had numerous UTI and bladder infections due to the defective device placed in me. Due to the years of pain and suffering and the inability to no longer have intercourse with my husband we are now Divorced. The damages done to my body, my mind, my health is beyond explaining my daily suffering. First surgey- Device put in. Second- Partial removal. Now that I am starting to spot bleed and having more pain then ever before, I am told by my doctor I need surgery soon as possibly that my bladder has extensive damage and needs repair. If not repairable it is a possibility I may have to have my bladder removed and I will have to carry around a bladder bag. All this has been done to me, my life ruined by this Pharmacutical company Caldara. To add insult to years of pain and suffering, The Law Firm of Lopez and McHugh decided to settle with The Caldera Medical Device company. Stating,” I have not had enough surgeries according to their tiers of levels of suffering damages due to the clients with the most surgeries are deserving most of the settlement amounts. I called Lopez and McHugh in the month of December 2017 telling them what the doctors told me of this serious surgery that I must have done because of the bladder damage due to this device in me. In quick action Lopez and McHugh hurriedly sent me a letter with an insulting amount settlement without my case fully being completed being that I had another upcoming surgery for The Law Firm to submitt to The Caldera Medical Device Company. Lopez and McHugh failed to Properly Represent me and my case, they are in deep breach of contract with me. Ignoring my calls, my emails. The same old game, They are not in the office, Would you like to leave a message most times never calling me back. The excuses were lengthy their hearts cold as ice only to line their pockets with what ever money Lopez and McHugh could gather from me the Client and any sideline backdoor deals made with the Caldera Company. The Caldera and Lopez and McHugh states, “That Caldera Company are Bankrupt.” You can go to their website and see they are still flourishing in making devices that damages womens bodies and lives forever and the backdoor deals the Attorneys apparently have with these Butchers are beyond culpable. I feel what has been done to me,physically, emotionally, mentally and financially has devastated my life. I want true justice for what has been done to me and I want The Caldera Comapany to compensate me for ruining my life they should be held greatly ccountable and The Lawfirm I chose to represent me threw me to the wolves and devoured me. My trust for them is utterly destroyed. after all my years of pain and suffering, Lopez and McHugh settled with Caldera Company for: $5,351.53 Which 40% Gross settlement:$2,140.61 Fees to Lopez and McHugh LLP (75% Attorneys fees): $1,605.46, Fees to Ennis& Ennis PA (25% of Attorney fees): $535.15. Steelgate Mesh Preservation:$1.447.27, Medical records $67.48, Postage and copy $150.09Lopez mcHugh, LLP- Pro Rata Share Of Litigation Expense* $16.35. Less Lien Shapiro Settlement Solutions $ 100.00. Medical Lien Amount: $535.84. My net Settlement according to Lopez and McHugh $894.89. I am literally sick to my stomach as I copy this down for others to read. I contacted Lopez and McHugh they are in Breach of contract I declined their disgusting offer by phone and by fax and now I am sharing my story. I Told Lopez and McHugh they are fired! I want a More Honest, Loyal, Dedicated, Open communications concerning my case and to fight like hell for damages done to my body my life. Is their lives damaged worth $ 894.89 ? Digusting to think this is a profession that is suppose to represent their clients.

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