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Published: 27 June 2022

Posted by: Alex F. Philip

Consumer Protection Notice against Louis Aubrey and Laura Aubrey of Eudora, Kansas :

DO NOT, I mean DO NOT hire Louis and Laura Aubrey of Eudora, Kansas. Do your research. They have been sued multiple times. The District Attorney launched a criminal complaint against him in Johnson County, Kansas under case number 18CR02038. 

He has been sued MULTIPLE times and also sued in civil cases in Johnson County court under case number 18CV00208. You can find the victims information through all these lawsuits against him. He has ALSO been sued in Douglas County, Kansas by the State of Kansas under case # 19CV110. State vs Louis Aubrey. There is a current civil case against Louis Aubrey and Laura Aubrey under case # 2021-CV-00319 in Douglas County. He has also been sued in civil action in Johnson County Court House under case # 18CV00208.

In the state of Missouri he has been sued multiple times as well. Go to casenet Missouri and you can see all the cases. One of them is case # 21CA-CC00159 – CHRIS WHEELER V KILL CREEK POST & BEAM, LTD. (See review below, Louis Aubrey changes company names to keep operating.) This case was filed for Breach Of Contract. He deceives people. takes their money and then forces them to litigate after destroying their home. 

Another case is 21CM-CC00271 – OZARK READY MIX COMPANY V KILL CREEK POST & BEAM. This is also available on Case Net for you to look at. They did not pay their suppliers and the Judge awarded a judgement of $4246.20 + attorney fees of $1218.75 + cost in the amount of $227.60 with an interest rate of 18% until paid. 

Think about this. If these fraudsters cant pay their vendors, how can they do your work. There is a long list of cases against them. Do your research. You dont want to fall in the trap of many many hard working families who have lost their hard earned money to these scam artists. They destroy your home and take your money. 

Please do your research. We are going to continue listing every case # so people are informed. We will bring Louis Aubrey and Laura Aubrey to justice. 

Attached is his mug shot, publicly available on google, for being arrested for the above criminal case. 

There is a long line of civil and criminal complaints against him and he is currently paying restitution in a Douglas County case from what we have discussed with the person the restitution is being awarded. There have been many Consumer Protection Claims against him for robbing people blind and devastating their homes. He is not a contractor but someone that will steal your money and NEVER show up again. People have reported him to the Kansas Attorney Generals office as well. If you have been victimized by Louis Aubrey and Laura Aubrey we ask that you send in your complaint to the Attorney Generals office of Kansas or your state. 

Before you hire him look up his reviews under google, search ”Louis Aubrey Eudora KS” and you will find reviews of people where he has cheated so many of them. you can see it on here : www.buildzoom.com/contractor/anything-is-possible-contracting-inc 

He changes company names and is now operating under KILL CREEK POST & BEAM . The company is registered under his wife Laura Aubreys name. Who does that ? who throws their wife under the bus for not doing honest work? Answer is Louis Aubrey. You can also verify this information from the Kansas Secretary of states website. He changes company names after he gets sued and start new company. We are taking him to Court and will ask the Court to stop this cheater, fraudster and liar from operating a company. We will not rest till justice is served for all. 

Here is what one reviewer said about him “We took a mortgage out on our home to make our property safer and more enjoyable. Now we have nothing to show for it. We also have a child with Cystic Fibrosis, so getting another loan isn’t possible due to expenses for ongoing medical care.” Imagine robbing people blind with kids who have medical conditions. Imagine loosing your hard earned money to this liar and fraudster. We will seek justice. 

Here is what Deonne H. Said “Louis Aubry walked away from our job mid-construction. Not only did he not return any of the money that we had paid for labor or materials, we had to pay other contractors to redo a lot of the work that he did as it was not to specifications, and in several instances, was unsafe. We are having to sue for breech of contract as he will not even respond to our attempts to contact him.”

He did the same to us. He lied to us, took ALL our money. made excuses and NEVER showed up. Thank God for credit card protection, we got some of our money back from this cheater but not all of it and the damage he has done to our home is now being litigated in court. 

We also have a full list of text message excuses from him. We are working with people on the list of many other victims of Louis Aubrey and Laura Aubrey from Eudora Kansas and they are all going to come and testify against him. If you want to know more, email me at [email protected] and we will share everything with you. He is a crook and a liar. Do your research before you hire him. 

Once you pay him, he will NEVER finish your project and make excuses after excuses. We are currently suing him. If you have any experience with Louis Aubrey or Laura Aubrey taking your money and NOT returning your calls or NOT finishing your jobs or doing the most crappy work that seems like it was learned after watching a YOUTUBE Video please call email at [email protected] and share your experience. We are going to bring this fraudster to justice and we cant wait to stop him. If you are a victim of Laura Aubrey and Louis Aubrey reach out to us today please. We want to hear from you. 

Bring this fraudster to justice. Bring this liar to the Court of Law and Bring him to be accountable to the many families he has deceived, lied too and cheated from. We are ready for you Louis Aubrey. The many people you have cheated wont allow you to continue cheating others. 

*Note – this review is based on actual Court Cases against Louis Aubrey and Laura Aubrey and Public Records available and personal opinion and experience to warn others based on our experience. You can find all of those on Google, CaseNet in MO or Online Court Records from different Court Houses or by calling those Courts. Consumer Beware of these fraudsters

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