LOVA - Lake Oswego Vein and Aesthetic

They stole from me! I still havent got my money back!

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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Douglas

LOVA (also known as Lake Oswego Vein and Aesthetic) is a terrible place to get your treatment. They have a depraved billing department which messed up my invoice. I had to pay them an extra $1200 for no reason at all. The customer support of that place didn’t even handle my complaint properly. They didn’t listen to me, didn’t apologize to me and didn’t even issue me a refund. The place is a big mess so avoid it.

I had visited the place to get a tattoo removed. I was hoping to get the Picosure treatment. I had found these people online and I was sure that they were the best bet for me. I had enquired about the treatment and they told me that it’ll take me around $3,500 to get the tattoo removed. That’s a lot and I had begun to question if I was willing to spend that sum on getting a tattoo removed. You know that’s a huge amount. But I went on with it and I thought it’d be okay to get it removed by them. They seemed like real professionals. But I was mistaken. This place is screwed up. I had to pay them the entire amount of $3,500 before the treatment and once it got done, they gave me another invoice of $1,200. I asked them what was that for and they just told me that it was for the treatment. Now I don’t know what kind of mess up they did, but I was not going to pay that additional invoice of $1200 for no reason. Why should I pay them for something I had already paid them in full? I complained about it with their staff but nobody seemed to care. They all were like, ‘It’s your invoice sir and you should pay it’. I ended up paying them an extra $1200 for nothing. That’s a lot of money. I brought up the issue with the so-called customer support there and I wanted a refund of the whole amount. They had taken that money through lying to me and forcing me. And I wasn’t going to lose that money this easy. But the customer support just worsened everything for me. They kept telling me that they will look into the matter and that they will make sure that my request is processed. They had told me that I will hear from them. But I never did. I had to call that place myself and enquire about the complaint, which I found out was never actually registered. The customer support just ignored my calls and messages like was some jerk disturbing them. I don’t know about anyone else but for me, $1200 is a lot of money. Moreover, it’s about the principle. They had told me that my treatment cost me $3500 and I had paid them the full amount before the procedure. The customer support of that place doesn’t connect you to anyone else and blames you for making any mistake.

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