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Published: 09 July 2017

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I received direct mailing 5/12/14 in my deceased father’s name, but he was on my mortgage so I called and spoke to a woman by the name of Hanna. She issued me paperwork to complete and was more than persistent trying to get them back to her ASAP. The first email I got was (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) or a fax of 1-866-395-8138. I called the federal Trade Commission and they said that they did not have anything under the company name. The woman (Ruby I believe) said that it did not mean that they are legit; it just meant that there was no report of a fraud or grievance in their files to date. After taking a day or so to get the information and do my homework I sent in the forms. After talking to Hanna several times she had a man named Nick Johnson (that was in “legal”) that said that went over that he received the papers and that they needed more information and I sent all of that in as well. He said that he had to speak to my mortgage company and get them to agree. I received a call 5/22/14 and I was told that they needed $5000 down and then 3 months on time by the first not a penny more or less. Nick added that they extended to a 40 year fixed mortgage at 2% and that is only if I can get a cashier check payable to “default Department” by Tuesday 5/27/14 to lock that in. That was the day after Memorial Day so Nick said that I had to overnight that FedEx and get a tracking and call him with all of that. I did not trust that so I called Nick again and asked what happened if the mortgage company did not accept and here the money is issued as I searched and did not show to my mortgage company. Nick said that it was sent to a default department of my mortgage co and that they hold the $5000 cashier check and the 3 that are scheduled for July-September and if they if they are all on time “they” cash and then the terms are locked in. I was told to mail to Default Department 16285 S. Harbor Blvd, Suite 501 inFountain Valley, CA 92708. I was told a new reference number and also told make payable to DefaultDepartment- I questioned Nick and asked why not my mortgage co and he again explained that they hold the funds and then cash all at once. On 5/23/14 I went and I got a certified check from my bank and I made payable to my mortgage company’s name Default Department (just in case) and I mailed the check FedEx for Tuesday not next day as Nick asked me to because he claimed they would be there to sign on Saturday. I did a signature request as well just because I did not think highly of this all too eager “nick Johnson”. After calling to give Nick the tracking number he asked if I can go and pay the extra $25 to get it there Saturday and I said no and that it will be there Tuesday AM as he said that was the day I had until 5/22/14. The first week of June I received calls from a man named Isaac- he was a bit nasty on the messages an asked that I call him at 415-763-2375. Being a new area code I thought strange so I called and left a message for Hanna as she was the one that started all this for me. She called back and then in a day or two Isaac called me. Said that they have the check; that they have talked to the mortgage company, and that next payment of $987.23 is due 7/1/14. I told him that I will mail out before then and he said that I had to call him and get an address and mailing info. I told him that is odd because Nick said that I would mail all 3 payments after the $5000 the same way and same address. He seemed stunned for a minute and then said that I am to call him directly before mailing for that instruction. I said ok but something was off. 6/19/14 I decided that issuing the payment via FedEx the way I did last time for almost $50 was ridiculous so I called to ask Isaac if I can mail traceable but not 2 day express and his voicemail was full. I called Nick and the voicemail was full. I called Hanna and her voicemail said that it was “Friday May 30th”- I left her a message and explained that Nick and Isaac’s voicemail was full and to call me. 6/20/14 I did the same thing- Nick and Isaac’s voicemail was full and Hanna’s said it was 5/30/14, but I left a message anyway. I also tried to e-mail Hanna and cc Nick on Friday and it came back undeliverable. I had scanned and e-mailed all the paperwork and there was never an issue. The e-mail of (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) now said that that was not located in my incoming mail. Hmmmmm. This am 6/23/14 I called and the same- Nick and Isaac’s voicemail was full and Hanna’s was stating it was 5/30/14. I left her a message that said that I needed to issue the payment and that Isaac said that I had to talk to him but that I cannot get him or Nick as the voicemail is full. I then called my mortgage company and left a message. I also did an internet search and saw that 6/15/14 someone posted here. Luckily they did stop me from sending the $987.23 off today to the address that I did 5/23/14 (so thank you for that), but now there was $5000 that is just gone. I called my bank and asked if they can stop that check as it was not paid to Default Department but “mortgage company” Default department- they said that I have to go to the police and file a report- They did give me their bank (wells Fargo) and that they cashed the cashier check on 5/29/14 and that they did a deposit only so there was no actual signature. I will be getting that image and a police report as well as going to FedEx and getting a copy of the signature of who signed for that on 5/27/14. I wish that there was something when I searched back in May. Stay clear of them. Hanna 714-602-4538 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) or (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) Nick Johnson 714-602-3391 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) Isaac 415-763-2375 .

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