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Published: 07 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We are witnesses to the horrific and illegal violations committed by LUCILLE and her husband PHIL. Some of our group….are also victims of their scams, lies, and other illegal activities. One woman had her ID stolen by them…they used it to get lines of credit….and spent the money without the woman’s permission. She did not even find out about it until a pile of bills showed up which Phil had charged to her. They also put her name on Corporate filings…without her permission…which is a FELONY. They do that to obtain lines of credit, loans, cars, and whatever they can get via that victims’ credit or banking history. In other cases, they lied to a man who was a bartender and his wife in Las Vegas for more than $100,000….using his lines of credit…and never paid them a dime. Lucille Atillo Prince McElroy and her husband have been engaged in a series of scandalous and illegal activities, which amount to a PONZI SCHEME.For years, they have scammed people in Las Vegas, NV…. Los Angeles, CA and in other cities. We have reports that he was also involved in a case out of Chicago… of BANK FRAUD…and did time in prison (USA vs. Lawson). Years ago, they were working out of an office on E. Flamingo Rd. in Las Vegas….with a man named DOUG BURCH. By offering unsuspecting people various “”business opportunities”” and making fraudulent claims…telling lies, stealing their ID, and simply conning people….they have scammed many hundreds of people…banks, lender, credit card companies, etc. From the news reports…all of these people who were arrested were also ex-felons. Using various business names…corporate filings, etc. — such as: SILK FASHIONS, INC. or PRINCE RESORTS, SILK RACING LLC….or similar names… PHIL and/or LUCILLE will talk people into phoney “”contracts””…and get them to “”invest”” in FAKE deals…that have never ever happened. He and Tony Tong (one of their partners in crime) claim to own or operate a SILK FACTORY in China. We are not even sure that Tony is legal…as he claims to be a citizen of CHINA. But he has been heavily involved with these 2 scammers…. and may not even be a U.S. citizen. In Las Vegas ….they scammed a long list of people… for thousands and thousands of dollars. DOUG BURCH was arrested back then by the AG and the DA….charged and went to prison. Phil and Lucille somehow escaped that fate…and left town and went to Los Angeles, CA…where they had an office on Wilshire Bvd. During their escapades in Las Vegas, they were operated an office where they did the scams….and yet had 2 young children. That did not matter to them…as they told lies, fabricated fairy tales and did scam many people, banks, lenders, and others. She was arrested by Child Protective Services years ago…for “”child neglect.”” — long before she ever met many of the people that she recently has been harassing, slandering, threatening and cheating…including Dr. M. Miller, Ms. McKiernan, M. Lovullo, and others. In addition to that mess… both she and Phil have also scammed and cheated many companies, and they owe a long list of bill collectors, “”investors”” and other people…from coast to coast. She and Phil bounced checks….and she even spent time in jail for said activities because she refused to respond to numerous letters about it. After the DA in Las Vegas could not get a response from them, he had her arrested. She stayed in jail a few months, never even tried to pay the checks off…while Phil was riding around in Mercedes and other sports cars wearing silk clothing. She now claims to work for NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE (6300 Wilshire Bvd. in Los Angeles.) She also is the mother of 2 young children….whom she had put in the middle of these scams. They have subjected these 2 children to all sorts of danger….due to the fact that many people have been scammed…. and are very upset with these UNFIT PARENTS….seeking to get paid…or for refunds…or sue them, etc. Lucille has been using the computer a lot…posting lies, slanderous statements, and abusive comments… calling and sending foul, vile emails to Dr. M. Miller, Ms. McKiernan (people she does not know) and anyone who would dare to challenge their scams…or even ask for them to pay all the bad checks that they wrote. Apparently, she has not been tending to her young kids…or working a job, or doing much else….that is decent and honest…. A FORMAL COMPLAINT against her is on file with the CA State Insurance Commission (New York Life Insurance) regarding many acts of fraud, illegal actions, tax evasion, harassment, slander, etc. Other complaint are on file with the CA ATTNY. GEN. and the BBB, the SEC, the DOJ….and others. Attorneys and collection agencies are looking for these people…. including one from RENO, NV called: Sierra Nevada Group. In addtion, they are TAX EVADERS…and have not properly filed the information regarding their ILL GOTTEN GAINS….the income that they took in….from these scams. We also have letters from the creditors, auto loan contracts, bills, copies of bad checks, and other evidence to prove these allegations. While Lucille runs around making her wild, unfounded threats and lies via the Internet and phone calls….she forgets that all of these issues are on the record. WE ALL SEEK …. investigation, prosecution, restitution and any other remedies permitted by Law.

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