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Published: 23 September 2019

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I purchased some motorcycle LED lights from a motorcycle show from Dawn Haddix, owner and distributor of Lumen Exports. The motorcycle I purchased them for was a HD Fatboy Lo, which is a large XXL motorcycle. I originally purchased 1 LED headlight ($80) and 5 marker lights ($80) for use in turn signals and brake lights. The headlight fit great and I was super happy but none of the marker lights fit. I contacted the company and asked if I could return the product that didn’t fit and receive replacements that fit. Dawn Haddix told me not a problem. I still have not received those marker light or an RMA to return the light that didn’t fit. In the mean time I had purchased and addition headlight and markers for another motorcycle ($180). This motorcycle was a HD Forty-Eight Sportster, which has a very small headlight housing. None of those lights fit so I asked Dawn if she had anything else that worked. She was super excited to send me some new LED headlight that was new on the market. I, again, offered to return the lights that did not fit my motorcycle. No further discussion was had on the return products but I did eventually get another headlight. That one did not fit either. After the second attempt at a headlight I thought it’d be best to just get back the money I was owed and return ALL the product that didn’t fit. I just wanted my money back for a return of unused and undelivered products. To this day I still have not received any replacements for my bulbs that didn’t fit or a refund. I sent several emails. At first Dawn was very helpful but once I asked for my money back in exchange for returning her product, I was informed that all sales are final. She stated that I had bought the bulbs months ago and should be grateful that she was working with me. I informed her that even though I had purchased those bulbs 2 months prior, I had thought that I would be receiving an exchange for products that didn’t fit as requested “months” ago. Eventually after received no response from Dawn for several weeks. I contacted my bank. I then emailed Dawn and updated her on the situation. She emailed me, I believe, two days later. Below is the email she sent me: As I stated before my mother has lung cancer, is going through chemo and is not well. I have been in and out of the office and this is my PERSONAL email. Please email (email address removed by admin), give the office a call or use the contact button on the website for quicker response to ease your frustrations. The last time we spoke I personally thought this was resolved. I gave you an RMA and put a credit in the system towards anything you wanted granted the items were returned. She never gave me any of this information. I have every e-mail communication between us. As stated before, I cannot refund you. These are electrical items and cannot be resold to another customer. FALSE. She purchases them from China and repackages them anyway, so she is technically reselling them. We spent $200 just trying to get you a headlight bulb you obviously didn’t even try to install for we haven’t had a single one not work or fit. I told her again, that I am sure that her headlight work great for large motorcycles but that I had a sportster with a smaller headlight housing. She obviously had no idea what I was talking about. You purchased these items at multiple swap meets, some six months ago. All sales at show are final and exchange only. Now, we have done business many times and that is why I sent you another bulb without having you send anything back the first time. At this time, you have over $500 of our products and I can’t continue to take a loss on your account. Please do the math, you have $500 in products that cannot be resold, $200 in additional orders and now you want a $280 refund without even returning the products. That is $1000 Janel! Come on! I feel you are being beyond unreasonable. First it was an $80 refund, then $160, then $240 now $280??? You have only submitted 2 receipts for $160. I offered to return all of her unused product several times. Now, again I would like to resolve this for you. We have both yours and Matt turns, but the brake lights still haven’t arrived. (Tracking shows they left China 4 weeks ago) I will be happy to send you the ones that have arrived, along with a multi-color light kit for your bike or an LED headlight kit for your car etc which are $249.99. This is what they do when you ask for your money back and then add it all up later when you try to get a problem resolved and say you have a $1000 of their product. I am not an unreasonable person and I would like to resolve this where I obtain my product back and you receive something comparable along with a little extra for your time. I look forward to your response. The majority of the information in this email was all NEW news to me as all of my saved emails would prove. I was not asking for any favors, I was only asking for what I paid for and didn’t receive or didn’t fit my motorcycle as promised. Any other company would gladly refund your money if the product wasn’t able to be used due to misinformation given from the company. She told me these light would fit. Then, she accused me of committing fraud and not even trying to use the headlights she had sent me. Well, again my point is proven. You are not looking to resolve this you are looking to profit off it. I too will be contacting my card processor for what you are doing is considered fraud. You cannot obtain a refund and keep the products. I see the type of person I am now dealing with now. I then responded to her email, feeling very offended and was put off that she would treat a customer this way. Dawn, You are clearly having a rough day and I am not sure where your hostility is coming from. I am not is any way trying to commit “fraud.” I had contacted you several times is regards to getting a refund and sending back all of the unusable product to you. I do not want your product because it does not fit my motorcycle. I have all of the e-mail correspondence INCLUDING several where I did not receive a response. I am fine, as stated in my previous emails, with returning the products for a refund. As for the 6 month purchasing and refund, I have been email correspond with you since that time so I feel that that is a moot point. I never received a notice of an RMA or notice of a credit from you or anyone else. I have no way to profit off your product because it is unusable to me. It will sit in my garage as money wasted. I am not sure where your hostility has come from but I apologize if there has been a misunderstanding due to lack of communication. After several weeks of unreturned phone calls and e-mails I felt I had no other option then to contact my financial institution so that I could receive my money back for something that I can’t use. The then stated that I could then return the product to you once their confirmed my credit. I am just trying to end any sort of relationship with your company. Everything you have sent me, including products to make up for my inconvenience, have not fit my motorcycle. Again, I have no problem returning those as well. I don’t want any compensation I just want to return your product to you and receive my money back. All I want was my $240 dollars back from product that was unusbale to me and have Lumen Exports send me an RMA to return their product. I never once impled or asked to keep their unusable product. BOTTOM LINE: Don’t order from this company because if their product doesn’t work for you they will try to do every favor for you to make it better but NEVER give you your money back and then accuse you of having thousands of dollars of their product/ China’s product. Also, you can by all of their products from so do yourself a favor and by them cheaper because the customer services at Lumen Exports is not worth the hassle and money that they charge you. Be warned, fellow riders, of this company when you go to shows.

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