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Published: 14 June 2019

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My original loan was closed with the World Savings Bank, Loan 001043**** on December 9, 1998 This loan was later sold and securitized into World savings REMIC 1999-1 trust on April 23, 1999. Hence the loan could have never been assigned to Wachovia, and Wachovia could have never assigned to Wells Fargo & Company. Wells Fargo is illegally trying to collect on 80 billion dollars in loans including mine that were sold and securitized into at least 35 different REMIC trusts. These loans are paid off in 21 of these trusts and the trusts are voided and are no longer in business. Wells Fargo is pretending, theft by deception ,to be the holder in due course of these loans and has foreclosed on many people even though these loans are all paid off. Wells Fargo has set a foreclosure sales date to sell my home on June 9, 2014 even though my loan was paid off by an EFT, on April 27, 2012 that was accepted by Wells Fargo and the original instrument was sent back to me marked up as proof of discharge (UCC 3-604) and also paid off earlier through securitization. Lundberg & Associates, a debt collector and a pretender trustee with no authority because Wells Fargo is not the creditor, is participating in this conspiracy. Here is the web link for them: Here is proof that my loan was paid off and the trust voided on page 156-157 by the IRS: records: See: Here is proof that World Savings securitized all of their loans and never assigned them to Wachovia. See link: World Savings Bank admits Securitization Activity: See page 21 at the following link: “We often securitize our portfolio loans into mortgage-backed securities. We do this because MBS are a more valuable form of collateral for our borrowings than whole loans. Because we have retained all of the beneficial interests in these MBS securitizations to date, the accounting rules require that securitizations formed after March 31, 2001 be classified as securitized loans and included in our loans receivable.” This is contrary to what Wells Fargo purports. Wells Fargo Bank in its last updated June 25, 2010, pamphlet is still perpetuating the lie through propaganda that the lender, World Savings Bank, never securitized any loans when there is overwhelming proof otherwise. Wells Fargo Bank’s pamphlet reads: Myth 1 Golden West / World Savings Bank securitized it’s loans and sold them to investors. See link: It is illegal according to the FDCPA for a debt collector like Wells Fargo that doesn’t have a secured interest in my home to foreclose nonjudicially: U.S. 15 1692f(6) Violations: (6) Taking or threatening to take any nonjudicial action to effect dispossession or disablement of property if— (A) there is no present right to possession of the property claimed as collateral through an enforceable security interest; (B) there is no present intention to take possession of the property; or (C) the property is exempt by law from such dispossession or disablement. In Niday vs GMAC et al it was determined that only the real creditor can foreclose in a nonjudicial foreclosure. Lundberg & Associates & Wells Fargo, both debt collectors in my situation, have been notified of their illegal actions, but they still don’t care and continue towards stealing my home, theft by deception, at a foreclosure sale schedule on June 9, 2014. The bigger problem is that the OCC and IRS are aware that Wells Fargo is not the owner of any World Savings loans as they were all securitized. There is 80 billion dollars in loans that paid off early in these REMIC trusts that World Savings created and the OCC hasn’t done anything about stopping Wells Fargo from collecting on these loans: Lundberg & ASsociates is a pretender trustee of Wells Fargo Bank and is acting without any legal or real authority since Wells Fargo never had an interest in my loan or home. Wells Fargo Bank’s claim to my loan is a complete sham. Lundberg & ASsociates is violating the law by participating in this conspiracy to steal my home, theft by deception, as no default exists on the loan since the loan has been paid off several times already and a reconveyance filed on public record. According to this link and all public records, Detsche Bank, Bank of New York or Bankers Trust Co. of California were always the trustee when World Savings securitized loans: Lundberg and Associates are acting without legal authority and are imposters trying to sell and steal my property theft by deception which is a serious felony. Their assumed authority has been revoked by me and they have been noticed in writing and this revocation has been filed in the County Records. At this point Scott Lundberg with Lundberg & Associates is still planning on selling my home on June 9, 2014, since my home is still scheduled to be sold to the highest bidder, so they don’t care about the law or about people or their rights. He has been notified by certified mail of his illegal actions, and a complaint with the BAR association has been filed. All non-judicial forecloses as in most States and in the State of Utah specifically, where my home is, violate the 7th amendment to the Constitution of the united States as these sales take away a person’s right in any controversy that exceeds $20.00 to a right to a trial by jury and a person’s due process rights are always violated so the sale is void from the begining as the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Hwever attorneys like Scott Lundberg are only interested in the money that banks like Wells Fargo pay them to foreclose. Real trustees are suppose to be nonpartial to either party, but in my case there is a prejudice exists against me because I’m not paying Lundberg & Associates any money. The love of money is truly the root of all evil. Scott Lundberg knows that my loan is paid off but couldn’t care less if I lose my home. .

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