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Published: 30 June 2019

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Okay so if you got any emails from this guy by the name of mack zidan, its time to run run run the other way. This guy is absolutely unbelievablely witthout a conscience. You might have ended up on his email list by accident . Wichita want to do immediately is report his emails every and all of them to your email provider (email address removed by admin), hotmail, yahoo etc.. ok so here is why. What he does is taking vantage if people trying to make extra money from home . Hey targets naive hard working peeps the 1 the dream of working for themselves in owning your own business. With the people don’t realize who were on his list is it there simply a target in a victim it is greedy malicious in moral behavior . He promises them in directly if they follow his simple easy system with no marketing experience at all they can earn up towards over 100,000 dollars month. Well we with common sense know the falacy of this lie. But people out of desperation believe this hope. Worst part about the whole situation is that he charges people extra to use his special system or website at 100 plus a month to generate leads. Ready…. The leads stay with Mack not the person. So he’s lying to get people into his system then he has them buy advertising the leads come through his website supposedly to go to the new signup but rather line Macks pocket. He’s the scum of the earth. Game over for your ponzi scheme Mack. You have the balls to flaunt your fraudulent behavior. .. Today we chop them off. By the way your high school teacher was right…. You will never amount to anything. You haven’t and you never will amount to something. You’ve ammounted to a dirt bag. You grew up poor and you think you have some right to be rich by preying on the weak? I think not, you again will die poor. I’ve got more respect for a bank robber than you. At least a bank robber looks you in the eye when he takes your money. You look into your little YouTube camera. Dirtbag. Folks don’t take the bait or drink Mack’s coolaide it will drain your very savings you have. Instead get educated about marketing in general and helo make the world more productive. Instead of pushing these scams.

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