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Published: 09 August 2019

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My daughter (7) decided she wanted to play soccer. Mako soccer club came reccommened by a few people so we signed her up. I paid $130.00 for a season of soccer that was to run from roughly Sept. 18 – Dec 6, for a total of 10 games (give or take one for holidays). Our $130.00 fee including a team shirt, team shorts, and a pair of socks as well as two practice days per week – ours being Monday and Friday. Right off the bat I relaized this company severly lacked organization as we had no coach up until the first practice was to start. I did however recieve several emails (8) trying to recruit myself or my signifigant other to be the team coach. With zero soccer knowledge we decided aganist it. Luckily a father from the team stood up and offered to be coach the day before practice was to begin. Our team “Columbus” was severly shafted. We recieved NO practice field. Every other team was assingned a specific field and we were left to find a spot that was barely big enough for our team to practice on. We’re also lucky to have goal posts availble for our use every practice day. It’s rather unorganized and severly unfair. To my understanding there are 8 U8 teams (which happens to be the division my daughter plays on). Our very first game, after one practice we were paired aganist a competitive team. We lost. Losing was not a big deal BUT it sure gave our girls a sour attitude towards the sport. any of our team members are small and here they were pinned aganist a compeitive team. It almost seemed like all the other teams are just “practice” for this one team. Which is not fair, right, and certainly does not build a confidence for our girls. Remember I mentioned we paid $130.00 to start the season. From there Mako decided they needed to do fund raisers as well. Three fund raisers to be precise in the span of 3 months. As there are MANY MANY teams and 90% of the staff is volunters I find it hard to “work out the numbers” in favor of the league. Seems to favor the owners pockets in my opinion. One of our practice days we are supposed to have someone who is knowledgable about soccer teach our children soccer moves or what have you Monday was deemed “academy night”. Ninety % of the teams on the field during Monday night “academy nights” have these special VOLUNTEER teachers were as our girls don’t. It’s sad. It’s unfair. Does not build my daughter’s confidence or knowledge in soccer, and it’s deifnitly not worth another season with Mako. Thank goodness our volunteer coach is so great with the girls and I’m trying to teach my girls commitment to whatever they start or we would have bailed on this joke of a soccer league long ago. Here’s my math run down – $130.00 per kid. – $30.00 go to uniforms per child. They “bank” $100.00 per kid. On our practice night I would say there is easily 150 kids practicing. This is two nights a week – for a grand total of 15k from just the kids who practice Monday and Friday nights. From there EVERYONE else is a volunteer (although I’m not sure about referees who are used 1 hour a week). This club easily made 50k for a three month season (all fund combined), added in three fundraiers, pays no one (except maybe refs), has a BUSY concession stand and did not deliver the small promises they made to our team of girls. It’s disguisting. That is my take on Mako soccer club. Proceed with caution. Fight for everything promised. Be ready to volunteer yourself (or recive 8 emails to ask) And be ready to particiapte in multiple fund raisers over a 3 month period. No thanks. We will be checking out other soccer leagues next season. .

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