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My vision is permanently affected!

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Published: 07 July 2019

Posted by: Lori

It’s been a year since I had my LASIK surgery at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. To begin with, they just brushed over the recovery and all the risks involved. They provided no proper education regarding the procedure. They said that recovery period is around 1-3 months. And that I might even have temporary starbursts and vision fluctuations. However they failed to mention that the flap of cornea that is cut by LASIK never heals. I also found that it takes much longer than 3 months and Starbursts might not be temporary. And there is no way of curing them either. They even did not tell me anything about dry eye. They didn’t not adequately pre-screen me for dry eye or discuss the pupil size and the impact it had on my vision. I am near sighted and that was not assessed pre-operatively.

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute did not provide the LASIK manufacturer’s literature to me. They did not discuss with me other options regarding contact lenses or laser or prk or even spectacles. I had my personal goals for having this surgery and I needed to know that the procedure was in line with that.

However none of that was discussed with me.

Now I have fluctuating blur on one eye, on the temporal area. I need expensive therapy with dry eye specialists. Low light or darkness may cause starbursts which affect my vision. I even have astigmatism on one eye and I’ve never had any of these problems before the procedure.

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