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Published: 12 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In May 28, 2013 I got a phone call about a business grant from a guy who his name is Alvin Copeland he said he was from the Attorney General Office in Las Vegas, NV. His phone number that Mr. Copeland called me on is 702-708-4728. He said that whoever got or tried to get a business Grant that this company can get me a business Grant real fast. He gave me the phone number to call and I called this company name Cummings Marketing & Advertising. Mr. Copeland gave this phone number to call Cummings Marketing & Advertising 702-516-8002. I left a message on the phone that Mr. Copeland gave me and about 30 mins a man call me back name Mr. Tim Cummings on a phone number 702-517-6978. Mr. Tim Cummings would call me on several different phone numbers and I wrote them down in my note book ever time he called me. Mr. Tim Cummings said he has a company airplane that he gose to different state to deliver the Business Grant Checks to Business owner. MY CELL:225-xxx-xxxx I talk with Tim Cummings about the Business Grant and he said I will have to wait until I get an email from the guy who would be writing the Business Grant money check. The guy who email me his name Harvey carter and he email me that I had to pay $307.12 at an account with Money Gram and it went to Wired Plastic. I thought that was Harvey carter company and it was not his company. Then I paid that money $307.12 to that account number. I was given three or four different account numbers to wire money to Money Gram. Every time I talk with Mr. Cummings on the phone I kept on getting emails from Mr. Carter and Ms. Collins telling me to go and paid fees to those account numbers and email them back the Reference Number and I did email it to Ms. Collins. On about two or three emails Ms. Collins email me telling me that I put the money in the wrong account and to go back and put more money in the right account number. Ms. Collins said in an email that she would mail the money back to my address and she every email any check or money to my address. MY CELL:225-xxx-xxxx Then I kept on getting an email from Maura Collins telling me not to listen to Mr. Carter about the account numbers. Ms. Collins told me that I put the money in the wrong account and to repay that fee again or I would not get my business grant and she would send me back that money and she never send any money to my home. I gave her my address. Ms. Collins told me in an email that I was too paid for shipment of a package to be sent to my home and that has not been mail to my home. I went around and around with her stupid emails she gave me. All together this company owns me $7281.73. For a Business Grant I did not get. I got nothing for this money I sent to Money Gram. I have a lot of emails going to Ms. Collins. Telling me to meet Mr. Tim Cummings somewhere in Denham Springs, LA it ever happens. Ms. Collins emailed me telling me Mr. Cummings got loss coming to Denham Springs. MY CELL:225-xxx-xxxx I was promise that I was going to get this Business Grant by Mr. Tim Cummings and his brother name DeeRey Cummings who is the owner of Cummings Marketing & Advertising. I was supposed to meet both brothers to sign papers and to get my Grant money. In fax I was supposed to meet Mr. Cummings three different times and he cancel the meeting with me he ever showed up to none of the meetings. I had to put some money at Money Gram. I have 15 transaction and receipt where I put large amount of money with Money Gram. When they told me that they were in Baker, LA at a Bank I went to that bank and I knew I was scam out of my money and I don’t know how to get my money back. I did call Wired Plastic and they stop all the accounts on June 19, 2013. I got a phone call from Mr. Tim Cummings yelling at me about why I stop the accounts. MY CELL:225-xxx-xxxx I told them I did not know what they are talking about. Then Mr. Tim Cummings Said he was in Denham Springs where I live and they were on their way to meet me at Wal Mart in Denham Springs, LA. They call me to tell me that Ms. Collins told them to hold up and not meet me at Wal Mart. Mr. Tim Cummings told me that he got off the interstate on Range Ave high way 57 to come and meet me. But Range Ave is not on High way 57 it is on high way 16. I don’t know who is behind getting the money off the Debit cards if it is Ms. Collins behind it or Mr. Tim Cummings or his brother DeeRey Cummings. I ever talk with Ms. Collins, Mr. Carter or Mr. Bernstien on the phone. I don’t have any phone numbers for them just emails. I knew I was scam from this company and the man at Wire Plastic said I can’t get my money until the police dose there job. Mr. Stu with Wire Plastic he is in the fraud dept. He said that in those accounts it has about $1100.00 in the account. MY CELL:225-xxx-xxxx This has really hurt my whole family with taking our money $7281.73. I need my money back for a service I did not get. I did not get the package I paid for postage and the Grant check that Mr. Tim Cummings was holding to give it to me. Mr. Cummings and his brother DeeRey Cummings was lying to me that they had a business grant for me and I ask them for proof and they could not show me any proof. Tim, Deerey and everyone who was involve was playing games with me and my family. I have been so depressed on how I can get my money back from Mr. Tim Cummings and his brother DeeRey Cummings. I even tried to find a Lawyer and no one will help me get this money back. I did send some things to the FBI IN Las Vegas and the Agent name is Gene Tierney. I think he said he could not help me with this. I just need someone to please help me get my money back. MY CELL:225-xxx-xxxx If you done any business with Tim and DeeRey Cummings. You may be a Victum of there crime by taking your money. This Interstate crime and Wire Fraud. These men need to be in jail for what they done to me. They have not bothered in paying me back or tell me they were sorry for lying to me about the Grant they did not have. I need my money back from this company name Cummings Marketing & Advertising. I know Tim & DeeRey you have my money and I want my money back. I have bills I have to paid and you had my money long time and I want it back. If this Company has your money and they will not paid you back I want to hear from you. You can call me any time to tell me your story about this Cummings Marketing & Advertising. Melanie Rxxxxx Any Company can give me a call & I will tell you the TRUTH about This RIP OFF Cummings Marketing & Advertising MY CELL: 225-xxx-xxxx

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