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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: sheena

I’m a 62-year-old citizen of Coconut Groove, Miami-Dade County. Over the past few years my neighborhood has seen a lot of development and most of it is completely unnecessary, impractical and useless. And the only person who is to be blamed for all this impractical nuisance in the name of development is Mark Sarnoff.

Let me start by sharing how he ruined my beautiful neighborhood little by little and why I repent the fact that at one point of time he was the City Commissioner of Miami. He is by far one of the most corrupt people I have come across. The residents of Miami were fortunate that his wife who got less than 25% votes and thus withdrew from the race and thus our city was saved from these jerks.

The good man decided that he had to convert 2/3 of a park, a children’s park, into a dog park. Wait that’s not what is bad, he decided that dogs should poop on Astroturf, cause what sort of dog would poop on normal grass right? So he went ahead and spent a lot of our precious tax dollars into converting 2/3 of a good children’s park to a dog park with ‘Astroturf,’ beat that. the park was continually under construction making it unavailable for the children, for whom it was originally built, to play.

Marc Sarnoff, a cheerleader behind the Flagstone Property Group project that was supposed to erect a marina on Watson Island, was just concerned to line his and his moneyed friend’s pockets. Classic example the marina project that was to be erected Watson Islands; the project started 13 years back but there is nothing accomplished so far. Thankfully Coconut Grove residents objected to the shopping mall by the waterfront.

The crook Marc Sarnoff did find a way to grab land and pass it on to his buddies who plan to build condos in the area that was previously marked for a park! Marc Sarnoff ran for the city council with an anti-establishment agenda but he soon showed his true colors and started doing homeruns for the real estate developers.

One of the most irritating things that Marc created was the circle in Coconut Grove which had led to more traffic. It is a rather annoying circle and a school bus or other such larger vehicles have a load of trouble getting through.

What annoys me more is the fact that Marc Sarnoff went ahead and said that David Sarnoff the RCA and television pioneer was his grandfather, who does that? Why would you go ahead and make such a complete fool of yourself is something completely beyond me. How can you make false claims of who your grandfather is? Who lies about their lineage anyway, unless maybe you are Hitler’s son?

He gets three properties and names all of them as his primary property just to get better interest rates on mortgages. If the leader of a city is so sly what will happen to the others. Lying on mortgage documents is a fraud and Marc Sarnoff couldn’t have lived on all three properties simultaneously. It is just a shame that we have politicians like him who set the wrong precedence. Unfortunately, he isn’t even the first city commissioner to do this, we have had a previous commissioner who was convicted of using false documents to secure loans from financial institutions. So Miami, we still have hope, we have a justice system that works even though we have rather sly and fraud politicians.

Fortunately, Miami and Coconut Groove didn’t let Teresa Sarnoff win and let the Sarnoff dynasty thrive. As a citizen of Miami-Dade County I wish that the era of corruption and special interest is over and the next guy/gal who arrives has a better sense of community and the wellbeing of the citizens than the self-centered Marc Sarnoff.

I know all politicians have their flaws, they are humans towards the end of the day. I just have a problem when excessive greed and lust for power takes over as in the case of Marc Sarnoff who wanted his wife elected and keep the money running and within his family. If you are a politician and you add something to your agenda and speeches when running for office learn to stay true to it; Marc Sarnoff you came to office with an anti-establishment bill and soon he changed sides, it is just said to see that we voted for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But the truth shall prevail and sooner or later we did manage to get rid of him.

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