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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: cobra_boxer

I have written about my issues against a CPSO Board Member, who went against many of their own Policies. No one has asked me about the cases but they keep marking it resolved. IT HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED. I received emails from 2 females that had worked with the Dr. I first received an email from someone with the handle [alexia.[protected]] She went on to describe the Doctors’ dealings with a friend of hers. “Heather confronted him and he continued to deny for a while and then admitted he was ‘sleeping’ with her after he had spent so much time and money trying to lure Heather from her husband. He wanted to marry Heather before she got married in 1992 and promised her she would not have to work and that he would pay for private school for her daughter” HEATHER THEN WROTE During the years that George and I were friends, we shared a lot and he eventually made it clear that he wanted more than a friendship. I made the choice to stay married and subsequently, George found a new friend for dinner and movies; your wife. George was lonely and he wanted to be married and have a family, but I did not want that with him. At some point it became clear to me that he was having an intimate relationship with your wife who he mentioned was a patient at the hospital who was having a difficult time in her marriage and he had become a support person for her. George spoke about her every time we spoke; and we spoke daily. He was always sharing a story about his “Nigerian friend Bimpe and her cute kids.” He also said that he was the godfather of your son. I eventually confronted him and he admitted that he was in a serious relationship with her … I had to know what my competition was so I did some snooping and found out where your wife worked and paid her a few visits. She obviously knew who I was because on my last visit, I went to the counter where she served me and she was quite dismissive. I believe she wanted me to know that she was aware of who I was. I know from what you wrote that George did some very unethical things such as breaching the patient/doctor relationship by having a relationship with your wife when she was his patient and by violating your privacy by reading your electronic health record without your consent. I understand that you must feel so much frustration that the CPSO did not care and protected him when you complained. I don’t know why your wife left you for George, but I am very sorry that you went through that. I do hope that you will be able to forgive all involved and be able to live a happy and peaceful life – life that does not focus on all the hurt and sadness that you have experienced. I am truly blessed that I have a husband that was able to forgive me for the hurt I caused him and go on to have a great marriage/family I noticed that the first contact had registered an account on this site and her location was USA. From my years of investigative work with the Government, I was able to trace their locations and it seemed that both emails were using fake IP Addresses. One IP Address was from ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA and the other was from REDMOND, WASHINTON. Both had in depth knowledge of my case and I was suspicious from the beginning that they were investigators from CPSO. Their job, as always, is to protect the Doctor. I am just a black man whose life means nothing to them. The longer this goes, the more problems they cause. I so feared for my life that I left Ontario. Even after I did, I was accused of destroying their property in Ontario and I was paid a visit by Calgary Police. So what am I to do? I have lost over $600, 000. Missed the graduation, marriage of my daughter, birth of my grandson. I have Anthrophobia, a fear of people. I have written the Prime Minister, Attorney General and other Officials. I cannot afford a lawyer and don’t want to do anything that would hurt anyone. I need this resolved and hope that I always have the sense and control that I have always had, to resolve this. If CPSO / Markham Stouffville Hospital or Dr George M Arnold does not try to resolve this, I already have a website created, waiting to go live, with all my investigation and documentation about this case. I would not stop until my voice is heard.

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