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Published: 15 May 2018

Posted by: Ian White Jr

have had association with Mas Sajady since 2014 to mid 2019. I have witnessed all of its phases trials and tribulations as a “spiritual group”. Now let me focus on what’s important. There is no doubt that Mas Sajady is a cult and just that, a business to make him wealthy but not you. It is geared to make money and keep people investing in his products. There has been complaints made by previous members (Not just Theresa or Tanster; that are much more than a “extremely very few” that are part of a consistent story. The reasons the complaints are limited in number is that Mas Sajady didn’t “turn the cheek” as he states in his statement but hurried to hush them all. So what is left is Theresa and Tanster that he is the that he is unable to hush but trying to. he takes advantage of this situation. He once promised to heal Theresa and Tanster but over the years what happened is oppression and blame. those who ask Mas Sajady about the complaints. He just responds that it was because he wasn’t up to our “expectations” putting the blame on us just like his ” detox” but the expectations are clear on what he delivers and he constantly makes his followers be aware of that. (Rapid fast abundance etc, all he asks is to just listen to him and you get results). Literally he will find any reasons blame for why there is a critic and not joining his program. It is not uncommon for one to experience crippling “detox” that can actually derail you from your achieving your goals (for years). His energy is very forceable to the body and soul, not in a good way. The nonstop “detoxing” that he insists that is part a normal life can make you get weaker and make you feel stuck. Personally, I have experienced many good relationships lossed and business opportunities dissipated into oblivion. I didn’t expect a magic wand but I have experienced a higher truth than that before. You can detox while not receiving any improvement for years. Those who have not received benefits are blamed that it is their fault. He sells enough truth to mix in with lots of lies he made up to say that it is your responsibility. So they are encouraged by Mas Sajady to invest more money into his products and are put on a list as recipients for further initiations such as the overpriced “Mastery Program and Human reset” which are products he made up to get you to invest more money and to get you away from the “detox”. The ones that pay the most are up for advancement in the organization and being completly “healed”. If you ask me, in the program he claims what he doesn’t do is much but only to awaken your “spirit” then why create new conglomerations of old stuff? You don’t need to wait many years. Life is short. What you need is results now. It is your life at stake and investing your life with Mas Sajady won’t pay off in the long run. This so called abundant man has recently divoirced. If he was in a vunerable posititon what does it say about what he can do for you and what can he actually deliver? What position does that place him in if he gives advice to people on how to have lifelong romantic relationships? Members are constantly asked online or in public to spread the cult like a Pyramid scheme to ease itself out as being potential threats due to Mas Sajady owns fear. It is not uncommon for hundreds of followers to check out threatening members and reduce them to feeble participants in the party line. The extreme marketing of him and his program makes him a spiritual predator. If you’re gifted you don’t have to go after everyone and talk them into to it, especially paying a lawyer to make yourself look good. There are many red flags that should advice you from staying in the program even if you never heard of Mas Sajady himself. Members who have the slightest doubt are put under the microscope as to whether their respective opinion is a threat to the organization. There hasn’t been access and resources to put Mas Sajady under the scrutinizing microscope for the general public to view with clarity. Anyone could pay big money to a lawyer to make themselves look good. The reason the public has never read in detail any cases placed in motion in relation to Mas Sajady is evidence that it has been cleverly supressed either through legal motion or grey area loop holes to cover critical glaring evidence. Complains have been threatened, shamed and attacked with voracity to wear them down and make them terrified to provide substantial evidence of illegalities and attack against the reputations and credibility of evidence. Numerous gag orders have been filed to shut up witnesses. (There has been a court case where Mas Sajady publicly sued Theresa and Tanster in the state of New York. His statement is a lie, there is not a “defaming” campaign out there but he is a liar.) Mas Sajady has a very skilled legal counsel yet if anyone is correctly and legally cornered it will be found by the courts and the legal system that their curruption is apparent and of interest to the authorities. He hides behind these the constant positive testimonials, and support ( which in actually are just more testimonials) If he was confident of his marriage, and organization. Why feel the need to oppress and silence any critic and overwhelm the audience with an artificial positive public image that he wants to push? Another red flag, again you don’t need to constantly assure your members. There are other more powerful “healers” out there that haven’t excessively market themselves as good. Any critic or opposition is labled as a “hater” which is pretty immature if you ask me, but critics are previous past members who have been harmed by his services not simply people hating. He uses this exuse to victimize himself. Comparing himself to Jesus Christ, that all great things in this world has been met with great opposition. But he is far from a Jesus. His only gift is tricking the mind into believing what he says is true like a magician. Very deceptive and he uses his near death a way to place himself in a position that he is knowledgeable. So he is able to make vague data up and get away with it. Mas Sajady supresss evidence and its members to be of concern and worthy of investigation. Now you may ask if all of what has been written in this report is true why has this not been reported in the major news services other than city pages? The amount of supression of evidence and scaring witnesses has been so pronounced that it would dwarf any of the so called cults known traditionally in the american society. It is definite recently before Mas Sajadys statement and thought police arrived on the scene and edged into the personal thoughts of its members. Go and dig up and read the old blogs and you will find that hey all have congruent story about about him that is far fetched to create out of imagination. Why? Because Mas Sajady is running a cult and not a spiritual path. To all lawyers, solicitors, judges, irs agents, repected government authorities ask yourselves what is hidden about Mas Sajady beyond supposed transparency? What are you not seeing that is distressing, is that many people are too affraid to come out and tell you about their personal experiences interacting with this group. I do not think money laundering internationally through the facade of a religious organization is what is classified as a bona fide spiritual movement. If you were to check out where the thread ends it would make your head spin and on every continent. Do not take my word for it. Authorities do your own secret intel investigations and you will hit the jack pot. I gave up a very long time ago trying to make heads or tails of why this group touts itself as a spiritual movement. It is beyond me. Quite frankly the public would get more joy and abundance pursuing their own path. Has Steven Hawking, Micheal Jackson, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates contributed their success to a cult or a man embedding successful “frequencies” in them? These people are as guilty as sin and it is high time the public tears down the walls of their secrecy which they are not entitled to use. All persons who made a public expose of this group have been punished; legally, materially, mentally and emotionally. Am I just venting frustration? No, beyond the social good I am submitting this factual report so all of those I lead to this teaching are informed. Do me a favor and do a quick google search of complaints of cults and fraud teachers out there, and you will find that it is nothing new. Mas Sajady presents is nothing new, both to Spirit and to the world. Many people are damaged by cults. This is why they all sound so similar. Truly nothing new. Authorities believe me you will have to spar like hell with these people before they give over their smut and they will only do it by force. They are capable of hiding evidence all over the world and quickly.

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