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Published: 20 September 2018

Posted by: Julie Z

1. This flawed system presented itself back when I was “shopping” for insurance. The website never worked for my account. Tech support couldn’t solve the problem, so I had to listen to the list of available plans for me. I then wrote down a few I was interested in and would have to hang up to consult my doctor. When I called back they would have no record of me every calling and all the information I had been told was different. Finally I was able to select a plan over the phone and I received confirmation of my application. This had already taken forever. 2. I attempted to pay several times and just wouldn’t get anywhere. I then was told their system isn’t mobile friendly or compatible with most Apple products, which actually baffled me. But it seemed I was finally able to submit a payment using a PC. I thought it went through and I didn’t think about this until I received an email a week after the deadline saying I had missed my payment and I wouldn’t be covered. 3. I called Customer Service, who at first basically dismissed me as an irresponsible customer who had missed a payment, despite me getting to a screen saying “thank you for your payment” weeks before the deadline. She very condescendingly tried to “walk me through how to make a successful online payment” which actually failed to work again when I was on the phone with her. She then suggested all future payments should be made in person. I was not satisfied with any of her answers and finally convinced her to forward me to someone at a higher level. 4. The woman I dealt with in corporate was wonderful. She genuinely seemed to care that their system would cost me a months worth of health insurance and found that there was an issue with my account on their end. She actually said that many people were having a hard time getting their payments to be recognized and completed in their system. She very proactively seemed to solve the problem. I had to pay for January and February up front in order to get my insurance “retroed back” to a January 1st start. Luckily I was able to afford that payment all at once. The money was taken out of my account and I got an email confirmation of payment. I then received 2 phone calls confirming that my coverage was officially starting Jan. 1st. 4. I finally receive information from Tufts Health plan half way through January but I was assured by the health connector that because coverage started Jan. 1st I would be able to be reimbursed even if I didn’t have information yet. 5. January 25th, I try to use my insurance to pick up medication and the pharmacy informs me that number is invalid and I don’t have coverage, my doctors appointment for the next week was also automatically postponed because my insurance wasn’t valid. I thought maybe I just hadn’t set up an account yet or something simple that could be easily solved with a phone call to Tufts. I called Tufts and the guy informed me my insurance doesn’t start until February 1st and that any issues I had needed to be taken up with the Health Connector. I call the Health Connector and the nice lady tells me I technically have coverage but that she would send over a quick note to make sure Tufts knew that I had paid and was supposed to have coverage for January. I was very confused as to how I could have paid for something and not have had access to it for an entire month. She apologized but assured me Friday at noon that Tufts should have all the information they needed by Friday evening and at the very latest Monday morning. She told me I should follow up Monday morning with Tufts just to make sure everything was good. Monday afternoon, Tufst has no record of any correspondence with the Health Connector. 6. Monday, January 28th I call the Health Connector to inform them that the information they sent to Tufts wasn’t received and the lady who I was speaking with basically told me I needed to be patient and that she couldn’t do anything because the case wasn’t closed yet. She contradicted everything I was told on Friday. She said the people there had started working on this case Monday, not Friday when a letter was supposedly sent. Then she started pointing all blame at Tufts. She said I have coverage according to the Health Connector and that there is nothing she can do to make Tufts acknowledge me in their system. She kept saying, “you’re covered” and that it was all Tufts’ fault. I don’t understand how I can pay $880 for January-February coverage and not have actual access to that coverage yet she still thinks that the Health Connector’s job is done. She said the issue should be worked out with Tufts by Friday, February 1st. I’m appalled with the system the people of Massachusetts have to deal with. I feel like I’ve had this same conversation numerous times with reassurance that when the case is closed my coverage would be available. Meanwhile, I have no access to coverage for appointments or prescriptions that I need. I feel robbed. Any other business who took money from someone to perform a service and fails to deliver basically would be considered a fraud, yet the MA Health Connector receives my money, doesn’t care enough to make sure I receive the insurance, and isn’t held responsible for anything, not even crediting my account for that unavailable month of insurance.

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