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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Shaina

I moved into a home and the floors were filthy. I had my cleaning people clean them 3 times & they wouldn’t come clean. That’s when I called Mastercare. A man came to my home, I showed his the problems & he said we can fix this 100% for you & you will be 100% satisfied, we guarantee out work 100% & if you are not satisfied we’ll do it again until you are satisfied. I was sold! A different man came to my home to do the actual tile cleaning. He told me the same thing. You will love our work & if your not 100% satisfied, we’ll come back out and do it over for you until you are satisfied, we guarantee our work. Then he made me pay $305.00 in cash (which is the 1st time anyone said I had to pay in cash). When I saw the work, it didn’t look much different to me, very slight difference, but not much. I also found light orange liquid chemical on the floor in a few places (good thing I found it before my 2 & 4yr. old children). I put clean white socks on to give it the real test, my socks still got brown from dirt, about 60% improved, but not even close to 100%! I called Mastercare and explained what my “test” was and that I thought the floors were better, but not 100% to my satisfaction, especially for what I paid. They sent a different man to my home, he insulted me and told me I didn’t know how to clean my house (I’m 7mo. pregnant at the time, I wasn’t cleaning my house, I had cleaning people doing it for me). The man was very rude, I’ve never asked anyone to leave my home before and I told him he needed to leave. Then I called the owner of the company. He told me that the man that had come to my home & insulted me was his customer service guy that had been with him for 15+yrs. That may be true, but he was used to dealing with businesses, not actual homeowners. In fact, Mastercare typically didn’t clean floors or caprets for individual homeowners, but for homebuilders, prior to the actual homeowners taking posession of a home. Very different clientel. The owner then told me that they guarantee their work 100%, and that I must have problems or be lying and trying to get another free cleaning out of them. He also told me he didn’t believe how much I paid and that I paid in cash! The owner also told me that they didn’t need to advertise because they are so good and that they survived the last recession and he wasn’t worried about this one and I could write any bad review I wanted. I told him I would. I told him I would prefer not to have any problems, and that if they weren’t willing to make it right and come back and re-clean my floors that I at least wanted $150.00 back, and that I felt the job they did do was worth $150.00, but not $305.00. The owner then said to me that he would investigate what I actually paid and make a “gesture”. He then said the “gesture” wouldn’t be a 20% savings coupon on my next cleaning. I told him that would be good because we both know I will never be using them again. I then asked him if I should follow up with him to find out what his “gesture” would be and he said no, I’ll investigate and then put it (the “gesture”) in the mail to you. It has been 2 months and I’m still waiting on my “gesture”. I tried to solve this problem with the company, and even dealt with the owner, but they were just not willing to even try to make things right and satify a customer that was promised 3 different times by 3 different people a 100% guarantee. Whatever you other customers do, please do not use this company for anything! Three different people, including the owner, Don De Pue, told me they guarantee their work 100%, but they don’t. I’m proof of that. They also seem to be a little too big for their britches if you ask me. I guess for this company, in my opinion (as I mentioned to the owner)they might want to figure out how to deal with an actual homeowner in order to survive this recession, but they don’t seem to be too concerned about that. Very sad that in these rough times that business owners have this attitude. My husband is also a homebuilder and has built roughly 7, 000 homes in a 5 yr. period. He was the first person I told not to use or recommend Mastercare. The second group I’m going to be telling is my Mops group of about 100+ women, we like to watch out for each other and make sure others don’t get taken if it happens to one of us or someone we know, too bad I hadn’t been warned before I used Mastercare.

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