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Published: 27 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is in regards to the dispute about the carpet cleaning service I received on November 20, 2014, that I am subsequently displeased with due to the following factors: When I received the service in November, the technician left the carpets extremely wet. I thought this was sort of normal, but the carpet stayed wet for more than 24 hours. I didn’t think much of it that night/into the next day about the wetness and the fact I was slipping on smooth surfaces because I just thought it was normal for this service. When the slipping didn’t stop a week later, I had to call them not only because I was still experiencing slipping from some sort of film that was left behind, but because by that time new dirt settled on the film, making the carpets look dingy again. This has never happened to me before with any other carpet cleaning service. I called them when I got the chance after the Thanksgiving holiday and after I was out of town for a good portion, visiting family. That call was placed on December 4, 2014; WITHIN THE 30 DAY GUARANTEE PERIOD. The slipping had stopped mostly by then, but the dingy-ness of the carpet was apparent. I had JUST had them cleaned, after all, and now they looked like they did before they were treated. Or worse. I spoke to the owner and he said that he would send his technician back out to have the carpet RE SERVICED, which to me means that the carpet would be cleaned again. I moved all the furniture. I awaited the technician who was scheduled a couple of days later at 3pm. When the technician arrived, the same one who serviced in November, he accosted me by giving a glum look and asking “what the problem” was. What was the problem? I explained. There was a film that was left and it attracted dirt. I showed him the area under the couch, where I could still feel the stiff/sticky nature of the fibers. He claimed he didn’t feel it. I insisted there was a film, otherwise the carpet wouldn’t have attracted this much dirt so quickly AND I wouldn’t be slipping in the shower and other smooth surfaces. He said he’d rinse the carpet again, but that’s it. I asked him if HE was the owner and he stated NO. So then, I said to him that the OWNER had spoken with me and that he’d send a technician out to RE-SERVICE the carpet. All the tech wanted to do was argue and say that he couldn’t re-clean the carpet, the carpets could not be helped, and that MaxPro’s product couldn’t produce what I was asking. So basically, he said that your carpet cleaning service couldn’t deliver. What did I do? Frustrated after being told something different and made out to be a liar (since he insisted he couldn’t feel a film on the carpet), I sent him away. I did not call the owner back because I didn’t want the hassle anymore. I disputed the charge due to poor customer service and the fact that my request was not met and I am NOT satisfied. That’s the other thing…when the technician arrived on November 20, I was NOT at home. My mother was. He went over the service info with MY MOTHER, who he then had sign the customer satisfaction line to, as he said to her “approve of the increased service”. Apparently the deal I wanted wouldn’t cover the living room and front room. Fine. So I paid for an increased amount for the additional service, but what do I find now? THAT THE CARPET SHOULD HAVE BEEN GROOMED AFTER SERVICE. It was NOT. And you know what the technician told me when he came out the second time for the “re-service” he argued with me about? He said that carpet grooming was EXTRA. On your site, it says that it is INCLUDED. Another reason I’m not satisfied is, not only because of the unwillingness to help figure out a solution (the owner never called me after the technician was sent away to find out WHY I sent him away), I am able to remove the surface dirt I am speaking of, MANUALLY, using SHOUT AND HOT WATER and a cleaning rag. I now have random “clean” spots in the rug just from using shout and hot water, where their steam cleaning system DID NOT remove stains, or that I’ve cleaned because of spills after the fact. I am also disturbed that now, in trying to research their company, I cannot find them listed with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations either under Corporate or Fictitious business names. I’ve tried MaxPro Clean, MaxPro Carpet Cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning Orlando. Nothing comes up. I then tried to find the owner’s name or alternate business name by using the address on the receipt, and it does NOT exist according to Google and the Volusia County Property Assessor’s Office. What’s going on with this? Are they legally able to perform work? Are they actually licensed and insured? This company has also refused to fully cooperate with the creditor I filed a dispute with, the BBB, and a personal attempt via email to resolve the problem. They take your money and run. Another customer, I find, had a similar encounter. Nothing but trouble! .

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