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Published: 08 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Norman F. May of Mayfam Productions located in Las Vegas, Nevada ripped me off in December 2013. He uses his credibility as a producer and his mutual contacts of famous actors to manipulate people into thinking he can be trusted. He lied to me repeadtedly. He stole $5,000 from me. Mr. May was supposed to pay me back a month later in early January 2014 and did not. I have been trying to collect the money ever since. He will not answer my phone calls or communicate with me in any way. I have heard he has done this before to other people. I am going to tell you exactly what he did to me so you will not suffer the same fate. I met Norman F. May through a mutual contact. This mutual contact is a famous Hollywood actor that I have known for years so I assumed Mr. May of Mayfam Productions (Scammer) was a legit and honest person. Mr. May of Mayfam productions (Scammer) is a producer and has worked on many big projects and movies in Hollywood with A-list actors. This gives him creditibility and made me think I could trust him. Sadly, this is not the case. He uses his credibility to steal other peoples money, in this case mine. Norman F. May (Scammer) told me he needed five thousand dollars loaned to him in order to close a transaction. He told me whoever loaned him the $5,000 would get $11,000 back in 30 days. He explained the whole transaction and it made sense. I don’t like to give loans to people but Mr. May seemed like someone I could trust and the repayment amount was incentive. Still, I told him I would need to hold off. I took some time to think about doing the loan. During this period I researched Mr. May online and he did not have anything negative against him. There were no complaint or anything bad or negative on any other sites against Mr. May. That is why I felt I could trust him and give him the loan. That is why I am now doing this report so someone else researching Mr. May will not be swindled by his dishonesty and lying nature. It needs to be brought forward that Mr. May is a no good lying cheat and his honor and word are forever tarnished and he is not to be trusted. Since there was nothing bad online about Mr. May and I met him through a worthy contact I have known for years I decided to give him the loan of $5,000. Before I did I told Mr. May I needed the money back as soon as possible because it was for my daughters college tuition I had promised to help her on in the following semester. Which was one of the big reasons I was doing the loan. With $11,000 back I could help my daughter even more. Mr. May said he understood and assured me I would get the $11,000 back in 30 days. Mr. May called me twice during the thirty day period. He assured me the money would be coming as expected. Thirty days passed and there was no money. Suddenly Mr. May was hard to get ahold of. I called him and texted him repeadetly. Mr. May did not respond. Finally I threatened to persue legal action. Suddenly Mr. May called me. He told me he was sorry and that there had been a hold up. I asked him why he did not just contact me. He again apologized. I told him I needed the money. He told me to wait. I told him he had broken our agreement. He did not care. I asked him when I would have the money. He told me two weeks. Two weeks passed and I did not have the money. I needed to help my daughter pay for her college courses which I had to do by leveraging some of my personal assets. This was a big burden on me and my financial situation was very stressful because Mr. May lied to me. I tried contacting him to no avail. He would not answer his phone or respond to any texts. I asked a friend to help me get my money. He called Mr. May and he answered on the first call. The friend told Mr. May the situation. Mr. May got extremely upset and began yelling at my friend over the phone and told my friend to stay out of affairs that were not his own. Mr. May then called me and started yelling at me for involving someone else. I told Mr. May I needed my money back. He told me he was working on a big project and could have the money in three to four weeks. Another month passed and I did not have the money. Mr. May lied again and again. I began to call him at his office number which is listed online. He got ahold of me weeks later and said he would pay me back when he could. That was not our agreement. Months had passed since the time I was supposed to have my money back. I told him that would not work. He told me that was too bad and basically I had to deal with it. It is now November 2014 almost a year later and Norman F. May of Mayfam productions still has not paid me back. He stole $5,000 from me. That is not okay. I am now persuing legal actions against him. How can a person who is married and has a family, is a credible producer that works on Hollywood movies steal from other people? I hope no one else will get taken by this scammer. He is a liar and a cheat, a man with no honor whose word means nothing to him.

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