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Published: 08 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am writing on behalf of my family who is still to upset 2 months after losing their beloved dog. Trust me when I say this – I would never spend time writing this long report if I didn’t feel that my family was wronged. Take the time to read this and prevent this from happening to you and your dog. If you don’ t feel like reading this whole thing please know my family’s dog was let go from Dr. Marcy’s care on a Wednesday with a clean bill of health and 4 days later he died. I could write a book on what happened with Metro west Vet and our poor dog, but I will try to keep this short and to the point. My parent’s dog had been going to Dr. Marcy for 2 years. Before going there he was a healthy dog. Every time they would bring him there they would spend more MONEY and a week later he would have something new wrong with him. New meds, shots, tests, diagnosis it was a new thing every month. Over the course of many visits I started to ask my parents to seek out other vets. The behavior at MW seemed very suspicious. My parents chose to trust Dr. Marcy and MW and continued trying to figure out what was wrong with their dog. Their dog had a quite a few things wrong with him from a skin problem, to a licking problem, to overall not being a healthy dog. Dr. Marcy diagnosed him with many different things, but never quite could explain what was exactly wrong with him. I would ask my parents time and time again – well what’s wrong with him and they would say Dr. Marcy is working on it, she can’t quite figure it out. To me that seemed strange – usually a QUALIFIED vet could give some sort of concrete answer. Dr. Marcy never could. She always had some roundabout answer that gave them a glimmer of hope and kept them having to come back. Cut to more money spent, more tests and no resolution. I begged my parents to go somewhere else – they chose to believe Dr. Marcy and believe that she was doing her job. Unfortunately she wasn’t. In August 2013 the dog was getting sicker. He was brought in to MW and given more tests, including an ultrasound. According to Dr. Marcy, it all came back fine. Early September dog is way worse. Crying in pain, throwing up, not eating. My parents take the dog to Dr. Marcy on Wednesday. She does an exam and her conclusion is – “he’s just a sickly dog – there’s nothing really wrong him – let him rest – he’ll get better” Friday – he’s worse. My parents call Dr. Marcy is busy. They ask for her to call back before weekend. No call back. They don’t call on weekends. Sunday. The dog is so sick that he won’t get up and is crying in serious pain. My parents in a panic take him to TUFTS and within in 45 mins he’s in ICU and is dying. Within 2 hours they run a bunch of tests and come back with 10 things wrong with him including Cancer,a tumor on his pancreas, black fluid in his stomach – the list went on and on. For the next 24 hours he fought for his life and ultimately my parents were advised to put him down. They were so distraught on so many levels they couldn’t even begin to comprehend the deep negligence that DR. MARCY had done. How is it possible that TUFTS animal hospital found not one, not two, but multiple HUGE things wrong with the dog that DR. MARCY and MW never saw?? How is it possible that the dog had an ultrasound a month prior and Dr. Marcy and MW didn’t see any thing? Tumors don’t form overnight. How is it possible that any of this happened? I can tell you – they are SCAM ARTISTS. They took advantage of a couple that chose to believe that their VET was doing everything. Their dog was only 8 years old and DID NOT DESERVE TO SUFFER LIKE HE DID and DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE. SHAME ON YOU DR. MARCY for doing what you did. You were negligent and a disgrace to take advantage of not only fellow human beings but a beautiful sweet dog that put his trust in you! SHAME ON YOU. There is an investigation pending on MW and Dr. Marcy. Judging by the other RIP OFF REPORT on here it seems that more people may be out there.

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