Michael D. Greene, MD

He’s a monster. Don’t trust him, at all.

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dr. Greene is a criminal. He sexually assaults his patients in the name of medical treatment. He took advantage of my weak state and forced himself upon me a few months ago. I haven’t been able to recover from the trauma but thanks to my family and friends, I’ve gathered the courage to share my story. I had visited the clinic of Dr. Greene to get treated for some cardiovascular problem. I was having chest pain and I didn’t know what caused it. My family has a history of heart attacks and diseases so everyone thought that I had a weak heart too.

I was taken to his clinic where he did a checkup and prescribed me some medicine. He was behaving really weirdly since my first visit. No one else was allowed in the room except me which I thought was strange. And he was pressing his palm on my chest to ‘check for the location of pain’. I was a little uncomfortable because of this gesture but I didn’t think he was a real pervert. I thought it was some medical procedure. The medications he had prescribed made me feel drowsy all the time. If someone wouldn’t wake me up after my sleep, I could sleep for days with those pills. So my life had gotten a little difficult. I visited his clinic again. This time, he did the same thing. He placed his hand on my chest and asked for the location of the pain. I had asked him how long would I need to rely on the medicine and he told me that it was only needed for a few more weeks. He increased the dosage of that sleep-inducing medicine and my life became more difficult. My head used to hurt almost all the time and I began to feel really tired and sleepy. My family was concerned at first but then everyone got used to it. They all thought it was the side effect of my treatment and I’d get better as soon as my medication is stopped.

In my last visit, he told me to lie down on my back. Like I told you earlier, he had increased my dosage of that sleep-inducing medicine and so, I was already very drowsy. But at that time, I was very alert. He came to me and then he started behaving really weirdly. He told me that he needed to check if his medicine was doing its work properly. He checked my pupils and then my pulse. Then he asked me that I needed to take off my shirt so he could check my chest properly. I was hesitant but he kept urging me. When I told him no, he started forcing me to take off my shirt and then he started forcefully kissing me on the neck and face. It was a really horrible experience for me. I managed to escape that vicious beast and I’m planning on pressing charges against him.

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