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Published: 10 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not give this lady her business because she is nothing but a con artist. I made an expensive mistake by getting her to help me and so far, nothing has happened and she has my money. I’m thinking that Michelle Green and Catherine Summers are the same person, heck, their website even looks similiar. It all started when I was in California (in Oct 2997) and she came to my hotel to pick up the cash to start the work. She told me to get some white candles and start burning them and to call her the next day to see how things are going….and everything was peachy for a day. A few days later, I tried calling her and got no answer and she finally called and the reason was her mom was in the hospital. Anyways, she said I needed to pick up some stuff for the spell to work so I ended up with the stuff she told me to get….one of the item was 9 $100 bill. A few days later, she said she needed to come pick it up and so she was by my hotel again to pick it up. During this time, I was just phoning her to follow up on my work and the same excuse was used again and again which was “Everything is going good”…she had promised that all this was going to get done in 2 weeks. 2 weeks came and nothing has happened yet and she said the spirits has asked for money money and that I was to mail it to her. I did just that and again, a month or so after, I said I needed my money back and at this time, she said she would get help to see why my case isn’t working. So she was able to find a lady by the name of Carol to assist her with my case. I spoke to Carol one day and she said mine was a complicated case and both ladies had assured me that it will get done…. Anyways, this went on for weeks, and finally Christmas was approaching and I told Michelle that I needed my money back as I’ll be going away on a trip for Xmas. She promised to have it back to me before my trip but this never happen so the day before I was supposed to leave, I called her again and she was giving me all this excuses like she can’t give me a partial amount and that she has to give me back the whole amount. I was fine with it but this never happened. I tried calling her many times and she was ignoring my calls. She never answered my call again that day and all I got from her was a text telling me that she won’t let me down. Anyways, here I was at my destination for the Xmas holidays with limited funds, I tried calling her again and this time, she answered the phone and she said she would have the funds to me by 4 pm the next day and to call her then. I called her at 4 pm the next day and she said to call back in an hour. Called her back in an hour and she didn’t answer her phone this time. Called her back the next day and she didn’t answer her phone again but because she had caller ID, she knew I called so she texted me and advised me that I have too many bad spirits around me and that I was to get a white candle ASAP and burn it as soon as I got it. A few days later, she had the nerve to ask me for more money. I told her I didn’t have any more money for her and she said she’ll try to see if she can get some at her end. Called her back again in a few days and she said she was able to get some from her mom and that she’s going to be busy meditating and to call her back in a few days. Tried calling her for days and each time I called, I got her answering machine and one day I finally got a hold of her and this time her excuse was she had to go out of town because of a death in her family and she had to leave town and she forgot her cell phone. This dragged on for a few more weeks and finally she just stopped taking my calls. Because she has caller ID, she doesn’t answer my calls. Tried both her cell and her land land. Her cell phone is no longer in service now. I just tried calling her and after I told her my name, she hung up the phone on me. So if any of you out there is looking to have a spell casted by her, think again. Oh her site, she claims that she has a money back guarantee…well, kinda hard to get your money back when she screen your calls. She also said she’s honest……I don’t know but to me, she’s anything but honest. Don’t be fooled by her!!! Dee dee edmonton, Alberta Canada .

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