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Published: 07 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

In Mid- December, I purchased this product after seeing an infomercial on it. The product was advertised as having a 30 day money back guarantee, so I figured I would give it a try. It arrived on December 18th, over the couple of weeks I listed to the CD’s but I was not impressed so I decided to send it back. On June 8th I called to get a return authorization number. I shipped the package to the Priority Mail with tracking and $50.00 insurance that comes with it. I checked the tracking number a few days later and saw it was delivered on January 10th. I thought all was good. I was wrong. When I opened my credit card statement for March, that I got in early April there was a charge of there for $59.95, I went online to see my current month activity and sure enough there was another charge for $59.95. So my first question is: Why would they wait till March to start billing me…and What could it be for???? I call them, that alone is a challenge I was disconnected twice before I got to really speak to anyone. I was told by lady 1 that the first charge was because it was received back past my 30 days, and the second charge was in error and she would “submit an email to get that credited.” Needless to say I was not happy so I asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor (lady 2) told me that the first lady in incorrect and I was being billed because it was late and the late/restock fee is something like $159 I don’t remember the exact amount. So I tell her she is crazy and they had the package on the 10th, and if they didn’t check it in till the 20th that was there problem not mine. I told her I wanted both of the charges credited to my account and once again I was told that it would be submitted via email to “Bob” the guy who handles refunds. I asked to speak to Bob and she said he was not available, I offered to wait then she said he was not in yet, but she was “escalating “ the email and I would hear from him within 24 hours. 24 Hours came and went so I called again. This time I asked to speak with a supervisor directly and I was told that she was a supervisor, I told her my story and that I had not heard from Bob yet. I was then told that Bob didn’t come in the previous day, he had a sick child at home, and he would be in about noontime and she has sent him another email and I would hear from him again in 24 hours. She went on to say, If my refund was approved it would take 2-3 weeks. So now I am totally pissed and not being very nice on the phone. I wait 24 hours, no callback, I callback and got hung up on twice. I finally said screw this and went online and disputed the charge with my credit card company. I told them everything I said here and sent the priority mail tracking info that I got from the USPS website. My wonderful credit card company, sided with them because the company said I never returned the package it was a 14 day trial not 30 and the tracking info only shows a package was delivered to Van Nuys CA, and not the specific street address. At this point I am so totally fed up and frustrated I wanted to scream! I call the post office in Van Nuys to ask them why this sheet only shows it delivered to Van Nuys 91406, but not the address it was delivered to and told them why I needed the information. They told me that Midwest Center get so many packages that the do not do street delivery, they are picked up and all items with tracking number are recorded on a Firm Sheet and that is what the person getting the packages signs. She then checks my tracking number to the firm sheet from January 10th and lo and behold there is my package. I then ask her to please please please fax it to me so I can send it to my credit card company, she said, she was not authorized to do that, the Post Master would have to approve that, and he won’t be in till Monday, of course this was a Saturday, so now I am waiting on Monday noon Eastern time to call the post office and either get the firm sheet faxed to me or a letter from the post office stating my package was signed for by a representative of the company. If I can get either of those my credit card company will then reverse the charges. If for some reason I can’t get that information my next step is to file a claim with the post office because the package was insured for $50, when they investigate they will see that the package was delivered and I will require proof of that and then I will send that to my credit card company. Sorry this was so long, my actual point here is I am so fed up with this mess and this company , and I see so many others are also facing these same problems that I wonder if legally we can do something, like file as class action law suit. They really need to be held accountable for what they are doing and honestly they are just crooks!

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