Mike's Garage & Wrecker Service

Mike's Garage & Wrecker Service Review

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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Mikes wrecker service is only out to rip people off especially his daughter merisha first they have you work anywhere from 55 to 80 hours + per week and pay you $350 for the week which is beyond illegal second they won’t pay you with a legitimate payroll pay check and they have the worst attitude toward there workers and there customers third if they sell you a car it’s gonna be major problems with it and good luck getting them to at minimum look at it to even see what’s wrong with it on top of that they’ll tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car when the truth is that it’s been totaled and rebuild to look decent and run ok for about a week then your gonna have serious r problems with the engine and electronics in the car they put there nose in everyone’s private business then try to use it against them when someone rights a report on them about how bad this company really is they’ll tow your car scratch it damage it or rip out the under carriage and then tell you that didn’t do it and that it is your problem to take care of merisha is got countless reports with triple a because of her horrible attitude toward there customers and how they destroy vehicles and they still somehow have a contract with them I do not advise having your car towed by this company unless you want to go buy a new car I’m sure she’s gonna have something outrageous to say back to this post also but if anyone really cares about there car do not allow them to tow for you and on top of all that I certainly hope your not renting a home from them cause it’s gonna end up burning down with you in it they don’t maintain them they’ll patch a leaky roof with old license plates and tar they won’t replace faulty electrical outlets they rent these homes with any co and most of them ether have rats ants or some kind of rodent problem and they won’t do anything to fix the problem unless you pay for it out of pocket please if you people really care about your money your family and your car don’t deal with these sneaky people and anything that is good said about them is a close friend or relative speaking for them please do your selves a favor and put this horrible company out of business .

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