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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Matthew E. Register

This is Mike, a salesperson since 3 years.

MLM retail is a loss oriented business in every form. The basic concept of MLM retail in itself is a scam! MLM retail marketing businesses are always deceptive because there is no net profit possible in an end market retail chain.

As known to all of us, the product sold through an MLM retail salesforce is most of the times bought by people inside the sales structure itself. When the product is not sold outside the sale structure then how is the company supposed to be measured in a profitable scene?

Participants sign up and pay a fee to the sponsor of the entire plan. This fees is supposedly somewhere between $50- $100. After paying the fees, the participant gets the right to purchase a product of the company. Then he might resell that product or recruit any other person to do the same what he did. The new person in turn gets the right to recruit others to do the same.

This entire process is bound to come to an end because hey, we’re working in a closed network at the end of the day!

No matter how many people are recruited in the start, this game has to come to an end! Then the people recruited earlier would get no more money and this marks the failure of the business today or tomorrow.

To be honest, any business that runs on MLM retail scheme is a scam which is sure to drown people who are in anyway a part of the scheme.
Endless chain concept in any business is bound to be deceptive. One recruits the other and the other recruits 2 more and the chain continues. There will come a time when there will be mostly recruiters and no more people who would purchase.This is an obvious fact guys!

The business will stand there with no more scope to progress and that is when the people who are a part of the business would eventually resign and come off from it.
Any sane person wouldn’t become a part of MLM retail business.

Guys! just open up your eyes and see to it that you do not become a part of a scam. Just use your brains and do not believe what a retailer or recruiter says to you with the motive of promoting any MLM retail business.

Going out of business is the only state that is left for an MLM retail scheme at the end of the day. There is no point going through all of the saga when you have to lose at the end.
Just do not give in to any asshole propagating MLM retail membership for the sake of momentary gains. It is all just a lie and would take you nowhere. Save yourself from the unnecessary workout and drama!

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