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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Molloy Bros was selected from an internet search due to THEIR claims of safe,clean,containerized,climate control etc storage facilities and good ratings on the esteemed BBB which I later found out is ANOTHER FRAUD. Items of high quality SOLID wood as in SOLID oak,mahagony,fruit wood,cherry NOT VENEERS and note well that it is NOW illegal to have SOLID anything due to enviromental laws–these EXPENSIVE AND VALUABLE pieces of furniture were put into storage CLEAN,POLISHED and some items were already covered by ME==molloy bros REASSURED ME THAT ALL ITEMS would be protected,padded etc and of course ! their facility is ALLEGEDLY CLEAN,safe,secure,containerized,climate controlled on and on. end tables,dining room tables,breakfronts,bureaus,”commodes” one well maintained and old spinet piano,went in and GOOD MONEY paid monthly to …ADVANCED METRO MOVERS–problem number 1- MOLLOY BROS policy does NOT ALLOW for the “consumer”/client to enter their storage facility to check on the status of their possessions or add to it or remove items–it’s IN,it stays until you make the arrangements to take it out. So these solid wood items WENT INTO THEIR STORAGE FACILITY clean,extremely well maintained,NO DAMAGE TO hinges,handles,FINISH,etc and stayed there for more than THREE YEARS at the rate of $179 plus LI tax rates and the check or money orders were to be made out to ADVANCED METRO MOVERS OF NY–is this their front and why the ratings for MOLLOY BROS are decent ? WHY different names as IS the listing for THEIR storage NOT ADVANCED METRO MOVERS of NY- A relocation move was planned and CONTRACTED WITH MOLLOY BROS for the consolidation of the stored items AND the CONTENTS OF THE HOUSE–molloy bros “sandra” was dealt with throughout and UNDERSTOOD CONTENTS OF THE HOUSE as in bed frames,mattresses,mirrors,table and chairs,PACKED AND SEALED STRAPPED CARTONS etc- the DATE WAS SET. On that date I started to move the PREPARED LABELED TAPED SECURELY/STRAPPED CARTONS curbside ,along with one cocktail table and 3 bicycles to ease the ACCESS INSIDE- TRUCK PULLS IN and one small mexican and 4 OLD MEN are the moving crew- small mexican is the crew boss and driver and ANNOUNCES WE ARE NOT PREPARED AND WILL NOT WORK. REFUSES TO ENTER THE AREA WHERE PREPARED CARTONS ARE,REFUSES TO GET UPSTAIRS AND MOVE MATTRESSES and bed frames and 2 bureaus. LEAVES IN UNDER 10 MINUTES taking what was ALREADY BROUGHT DOWN TO THE STREET LEVEL. “sandra” is on the phone witneses the sound of a MOLLOY BROS VAN LEAVING. absolutely NO CONTACT WITH THESE THIEVES,no follow up/explanation NOTHING.’ HOW WERE THE CONTENTS OF A HOUSE TO BE MOVED IN UNDER 15 MINUTES ? SANDRA of molloY bros KNEW the AMOUNT OF “GOODS” and that SOME PREP WAS how was THIS A FIFTEEN MINUTE JOB ? again absolutely NO ACCONTABILITY. THIS WAS A CROSS COUNTRY MOVE involving bookings and a time line and also included a handicapped man and pets and a young daughter. LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS etc- Velocity Movers were contacted after being found on the internet-INCREDIBLE GUYS CAME RIGHT IN AND MOVED a limited amount for me without ONE PROBLEM–amount LIMITED DUE TO MOLLOY BROS actions and COSTS and increased travel expenses for motels NOW due to LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS. WHEN MY ITEMS FROM STORAGE ARRIVE-DAMAGED BEYOND BELIEF and encrusted WITH YEARS OF FILTH MOLLOY BROS STARTED THEIR ROUTINE OF REFUSAL TO ANSWER BASIC QUESTIONS AND TO ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY for LONG TERM WATER DAMAGE,adhesive number stickers PUT ONTO THE FINISHED PART OF THE FURNITURE-sticking for years DESTROYING THE FINISH-handles SHEARED OFF bureaus,EXTREME DAMAGE to the bottom corners of tall bureaus,RIM OF A SOLID FRUITWOOD TABLE appeared to have been cause by ROLLING THE PIECE-extreme FILTH-locked itmes WITH THE HINGES REMOVED TO GET INSIDE and replacedwith NAILS !!!! ??? YEARS OF STORGAE FEES and MOLLOY BROS REFUSES TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR DAMAGES. where were these ITEMS STORED ? HOW WHERE THEY PREPARED as I PAID FOR THAT AS WELL. as for THEIR MOVER NOT DOING THE JOB ? same thing–they REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THER ACTIONS. NOW it gets better as MOLLOY CLAIMS THERE ARE PHOTOS OF THE INSIDE OF MY HOUSE ?? backing up their employee statement that we were not prepared ??? and that A SUPERVISOR arrived at the HOUSE- THESE PEOPLE ARE UNRELIABLE AND LIARS. I do NOT CARE WHAT REBUTTAL OR STATEMENT COMES FROM THEM. THEIR COMPENSATION WAS SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS on top of THEIR DEMAND for a release to be signed AND A RECEIPT FOR THE CHECK THAT WAS NOT INCLUDED–LOL-sign a receipt STATING : received ???- what about YEARS OF STORAGE FEES resulting IN DAMAGE ? what about their mover REFUSING TO DO HIS JOB resulting in INCREASED COSTS OF TRAVEL ? what about telling me WRONG DATES FOR DELIVERY ? sleeping on the floor etc-THEN having to TAKE DAYS to clean off ENCRUSTED FILTH fom my furniture BEFORE WE COULD USE IT ? THIS IS HOW THEY DO BUSINESS. BBB became involved DUE TO MY POSTING THE TRUTH ON THESE MOLLOY BROS on the BBB website to ALERT CONSUMERS NOT TO USE THEM. and THANK YOU “RIP OFF REPORT” for informing the unassuming PUBLIC what BBB IS–NOTHING. THEIR attempt to settle this dispute was A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME as BBB acted the exact same way as MOLLOY BROS and DID NOT get ONE ANSWER to my SIMPLE QUESTIONS on how to account for the THEFT of items in storage,LONG TERM WATER DAMAGE,RUIN OF FINISH,FILTH etc—NO ANSWERS and why NO REFUND OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY PAYING THEM for their bs on climate controlled,safe,CLEAN,secure STORAGE FACILITY ON AND ON ? DO NOT USE THEM. whatever THEY state about THIS COMPLAINT, I could NOT CARE ANYLESS. they REFUSE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE and already ATTEMPTED TO PLACE THE BLAME ON ME and their statement on having PHOTOS ON THE INTERIOR OF MY HOME REMAINS OUTRAGEOUS as this crew was CONTRACTED TO MOVE ITEMS and nothing else –same for THEIR CLAIM OF A SUPERVIZOR physically arriving at my home-LIES. my opinion ? search on the internet for “pods”==get how many you need–hire a crew and PACK THEM UP,lock it and wait for their flatbed truck to come and get them. as for STORAGE? go to the LOCAL ONES AND INSPECT THEM and ask the local LAW ENFORCEMENT on how many reports of thefts etc–pick one out and again,if you cannot manage–get a crew and load up the truck and move your itmes yourself into a SELF STORAGE. and a shout out to Velocity MovING and storage that answered my phone call,came that afternoon WITH THEIR SUPERVIZOR,assessed the job AND MOVED THE ITEMS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS AT HALF THE COSTS of what mOlloy bros estimated. do NOT USE THEM or their STORAGE FACILITY. BBB is a JOKE and another enabler of RIP OFFS,better to scroll through “yelp” ,yellow pages reviews and of course RIPOFF REPORT.

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