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Published: 15 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I wrote this letter to the Monroe County Domestic Relations after my recent release from jail, seeking help in a corrupted system who only cares about money, not the child/children nor their parents. I was incarcerated for a period of thirty days, two days after the burial of my daughter Faith Isabelle who was born prematurely and lived her short ninety days little life at the CHOP’s Hospital Center Of Philadelphia, and died of “Necrotizing Enterocolitis” who is now resting in peace at the E Stroudsburg Cemetery. I have not only missed the time to recover from my lost with my family as I was treated like a criminal and sent to jail for a lack of payment for my daughter Annalucia Chloe who lives in Florida with her mother Linda Britto. I also missed on the opportunity to secure a job with the company I worked for at “” as well as several other companies that were hiring during the holliday season. I am confused about how my incarceration would help the needs of my daughter Annalucia Chloe since my stay at the Monroe county Jail did not produce any income that I know of unless of course “ it is profitable for the jail system of this country”. This was in my opinion the worst thirty days for everyone in family. Not only I did not have a chance to even mourn the loss of our daughter Faith Isabelle with my fiancee, who in fact had no choice but to cancel several days of work in order to stay with my two year old daughter Grace. I also missed on the opportunity to spend Christmas with my family all together including my daughter Chloe in florida who will definitely think that her daddy completely ignored her for Christmas. Instead I was sent to the whole with no underwear dressed in what they call a turtle suit for two weeks, where I developed a condition called “Hernia of the scrotum” which now requires medical surgery”, as I arrived at the Monroe County Jail, under the pretext that I was emotionally unstable after the loss of my daughter Faith Isabelle. Therefore because they were “ SORRY FOR MY LOSS” they had no other choice but to send me to the whole. Even though I am still very emotionally mutilated and confused about the way the system treats non-custodial parents as if they were criminals when they fail to pay with no consideration whether “ The parent failed to comply for lack of employment especially in a country where the unemployment rate just keeps growing everyday as I am typing this letter”, or the parent is a deadbeat parent who doesn’t care. I do care about my children, as I always said before when I came to the Domestic Relations office in several occasions,” I want to resolve any issues concerning my daughter Annalucia Chloe she is my blood, she carries my DNA, you could not possibly love her or care for her more than I could. I came to that office seeking help and ways to reduce the amount that had been unfairly determined for lack of documentation, you and your staff told me that there was nothing you could do to help. I even took a flight to Florida in april of 2012 where I deposited notarized documents to the DA’s office and the Child support office in Miami, where I was told, “ I WILL BE CONTACTED WITHIN 2 TO 3 WEEKS” . Now January 2014 I am still waiting for the modification. Nevertheless I want to inform you that I am looking for a job in order to pay my support for My daughter Chloe. I have a list of companies that I have contacted in search of employment that is readily available upon request. This notification is to rectify what was told to my fiancee during my incarceration, when she tried to explain to you the situation for the lack of payment that was actually being deducted from my paycheck in the amount of $159.00 dollars/ week when I had employment with in Hazelton untill my assignement was terminated. As you responded “ Unless she came up with the amount of $ 5,720 dollars you did not have anything to say to her “, not even the decency to meet with her face to face. That shows how much you care for the well being of my children. Especially addressing a woman in those circumstances after she also just buried our daughter. As a man, the head of household of my family, I may be having some financial difficulties at the moment, but I am not a vagabond, nor an illiterate therefore I need to be treated with respect to the cause of my situation concerning my daughter Chloe in Florida in finding ways to resolve these financial issues. Not like a criminal or a vagabond, I love my children and I want the best for them to the best of my abilities. This system of incarceration for parents who falls behind on payment for whatever reasons doesn’t work for families, instead it make matters worse, for instance, now that the holiday season has come to an end, it has become much more difficult for me to find a job that would help me keeping up with the payments. It is about time that this system really focuses on what matters most for both parents and children. Instead on focusing on keeping the jail cells full for it’s own benefit of taxpayers money. Help the parents who can’t find jobs find a job, by providing adequate training or assistance if they lack experience. In my opinion this would be one of the best ways to embrace this situation. .

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