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You Will Regret Staying Here

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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a very horrible experience with Motel 6 York as they were terrible in terms of their services, their rooms were dirty and you can’t even step a foot ever there. It looked amazing in pictures which were posted on their websites when I booked my room. The rooms seemed beautiful online but it was all a lie and there was nothing like that. I got the complete opposite of what I saw on their website.
The room was way smaller than I saw online. There wasn’t enough space in the room and it seemed like these guys had duped me big time. Motel 6 York claims to deliver one of the best services as compared to other hotels in town but they were unable to satisfy me with their services. The customer service sucks because the front desk guy was rude to me and treated me like an incompetent human. He was least bothered about my concerns and was continuously busy in chatting with of his colleagues. This is a shabby motel and it will turn out to be a nightmare for you. The thermostats of the rooms were not working and were falling off the wall and you could sense the cold air coming into the room from outside which was penetrating through that window. I called the front desk several times to get this thing solved but they didn’t receive it and I had to manage this by myself.
I had to keep towels over it to keep the cold air and other insects out from our room. The room looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for weeks and the bedsheets were dirty and had stains on it. There was so much black hair between the bedsheets and I was sure that they did not change since weeks. Also, you could not sleep on the bed because of the presence of bed bugs on them. My daughter while sleeping on it felt something under her hand and it was a huge bed bug. Called the manager and told him about this and he completely denied that they had bed bugs. To be very honest money was not a problem for me but since there was no room available in the area and second Motel 6 York had good rating online that’s why I chose to stay here. Managing things at that place was a nightmare. If I had any idea about the quality of this place, I would have stayed away from it. Not only me, but my daughter also had to face issues because of this hellhole and she is quite young. I was so disappointed with their services that I had to contact their manager to resolve these issues or else I am going to checkout. The manager only did get us a new room and showed no apologetic behavior to me or my family and offer no discounts to us. Stay away from such bastards because you will only end up regretting yourself as they don’t deserve your money.

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