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Published: 26 December 2019

Posted by: pattimelt

#1) motel 6 – 1153 Harrisburg Pike Carlisle, PA Ph.# [protected] I booked thru a web site – 1 night, on May 22, 2018 Iten # [protected] conf # 1297m68321 This motel was very nice. The ladies working the desk were very nice. Upon check out she asked me how my stay was. I said very good except for the finger nail clippings on the bathroom floor. She apologized for that and rectified the problem by issuing a gift certificate for a future stay. I wasn’t expecting that, I am grateful. #2) motel 6 – 1901 Broadcast st. Gastonia, NC Ph. # [protected] I booked also thru a web site – May 23- May 28, 2018 conf.# [protected] I choose Motel 6 for the pet acceptance, as I travel with my cat frequently. My issues started as soon as I tried to enter my room. The man that checked me in was not very personable and was rude to other guests I had to go to the desk 3 times as the key card would not work. I did not have a “do not disturb” sign, so had to go ask for that. The mini frig leaked all over the floor upon turning it on and did not keep things cold on the highest setting. There were cob webs in the bathroom. The toilet plugged upon first flush. The shower drain was plugged and water backed up during a shower. There was very little bathroom counter space. Was given 1 wash cloth and 1 hand towel. The shower head leaked where the pipe meets the shower head, and it sprayed all down the wall. The shower floor was very slippery. Also lack of water pressure because of the leak. The heater/ac unit very old, temp buttons didn’t work. The TV remote didn’t work well. Old unit, buttons worn and took 2-3 tries to enter a channel. The landscape was a mess. Didn’t look like it has been mowed or trimmed in a couple weeks. Ants everywhere outside, due to garbage not picked up or no insecticides used. Had I not prepaid thru the booking site, I would have not stayed my full 6 nights. If there were just a couple things I wouldn’t bother complaining, but this is a pretty good list!! #3) Motel 6 – 96 Baker’s Lane Staunton, VA [protected] Booked on web site for May 29, 2018 Itin # [protected] conf #/ booking # [protected] I booked this motel site because it was a halfway point in my trip to NY from NC. I see that it is a tucked away from highway, which is great because it was quieter than most places but realized there was nothing around it like restaurants or stores in site. I drove around looking for about 45 minutes. I found a 7-eleven but not one fast food place. Upon check in the guy behind the counter was obviously new and very scruffy looking. Not a customer service image at all!!! He didn’t know how to use my free night certificate, so check in took a lot longer than it should have. Another man was waiting behind me and there were no apologies made to him for his long wait. I got to my room, it was recently updated and seemed very nice. However, the TV screen was blurry, and some of the channels the paper printed guide said they had, weren’t available. It wasn’t stormy so I don’t understand why some of the channels had a picture but no sound. At 2:30 am I got woken up by a very loud guest near my room. I got up to use the restroom and as I turned on the light I noticed a lot of tiny bugs and a couple small ants crawling on the bathroom floor. Before going to bed I had put down the bath mat. I picked up the mat and under neath it was covered with these tiny bugs and on the floor under it. I tossed the mat into the tub and ran hot water on it. I also took a wash cloth and got down on the floor and killed a ton of them!! By then I was creeped out and awake so I got packed up, showered, and left at 4:30 am. I went to the office and was greeted by another man who was elderly and could barely walk and wasn’t dressed for greeting the public either. He asked what I wanted… (NOT “how can I help you this morning?”) I was upset and livid at this point. He never asked how my stay was. I had put the bug ridden wash cloth in a bag and produced it to him as I said I was checking out. He said I was all set, because I had used a gift certificate. I said to him that was a good thing that it was free because I wouldn’t have paid for that experience. So, as you can see only 1 of 3 motels I stayed in were what you claim to offer your guests. I have no intentions of ever staying at one of your units ever again and I will not recommend your places to anyone. I am very disappointed.

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