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Published: 31 May 2018

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Many of these reports are from those whom have had a “Bad Experience” with Mountain Loan Center. I on the other hand know this company well as I used to work for them. It has been several months since then and still I see the faces of those this company has so willing hurt and I feel an obligation to warn people of what they are getting into. So first,… lets say you go on line, put in your income and WOW! Your approved for up to $1200! Awesome right?!? So you call and the person on the other side of the phone shares your excitement agrees that you are indeed “Pre-Qualified” for that amount. Just come in with 2 forms of ID’s, 2 forms of income, and proof of residence. Heck, they’ll even schedule you and appointment!! So you go in at your scheduled time to be greated by someone that doesn’t know who you are, which is weird being that you had an appointment and all. The front desk takes your verifications, copies ALL of them, sends them through a fax and asks you to take a seat. “It’ll only be a few minutes”. An hour later your being told you are “Approved” for $150. Which is crazy because you were just told twice, once by the computer and once by the other person that you were “Pre-Approved” for $1200, and this is assuming that you don’t wait to be told that you are denied due to “Debt to Income”, “Child-Support”, “Income” or “Time at Job”. Many of these things that are explained and asked when you spoke to the company regarding scheduling an appointment. Disability?? Retirement?? Social security?? Many from what I seen, rarely got approved for more than $200. Most of these people I know where all brought in with the false pre-tense that they were going to get approved for A LOT MORE than they actually were. If they were approved at all. Now, if you take the loan… you have 2 payments per month. Regardless if you are on Retirement, SSI or SSDI. Can’t make your payment?? That is YOUR problem! After a few days, you’ll get a $30 late fee. There is NO compassion for being laid off, death in the family, or hardships. If you can’t pay they will CALL ALL YOUR REFRENCES including your LANDLORD, WORK and any other number on your file way up till you either pay off, or are sued and garnished by them. How much do they sue you for? Lets just say its pretty close to the forth box on the top left of your contract and anywhere from $700-6000 depending on the loan. The more you borrow the more they will sue you for and they don’t hold back when the moment comes. Perfect example: I knew someone that borrowed $1500, and fell behind due to being out of work for a week. She paid $300 every other friday. That’s right $600 a month!! MOST of all, which was going to late fees. She did this for a few months and since the account wasn’t getting current since fee’s continued to add since ALL her payments where covering previous payments, so the new payments coming up also were getting new late fees and the company REFUSED to work with them on the interest to help her attempt to pay off this loan she was making payments on for OVER A YEAR. However she still tried paying $300 every other week and since the account was still techically “behind” they sued her for something close to $6000. So BUYER BEWARE! THIS COMPANY IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY AND NOT THE CUSTOMER! Now on the other side, working for this company meant being in an enviorment where it was CONSTANTLY mentioned and known that your job was “on the line”. If I had a dollar for every time I heard about Utah being a “Right to Work State” I’d be rich. Many times people were NOT given breaks, or lunches. Time off requests where only achieved by calling in sick. Employee’s were publiclly ridiculed by the owner infront of other employees for their weight, appearance, sexual prefrence and religion. I don’t know how certain people stayed loyal to this company as it was constantly “Making fun of” or “Sexually Harrassing” them infront of other eyes. This included the Managers, who NEVER stood up for their employees. Managers on the otherhand,.. which honestly was a select few. Where paid high wages, made to work less hours, given cell phones and cars and in my opinion “Paid to look the other way”. The owner was not fair with raises or work distribution, and OFTEN extremly inappropriate with the staff/employees to the extent that I heard the owner himself offer another employee infront of the manager to go to the “Green Door” which is a swingers club in vegas. It has been rumored that the owner has paid his discrental employees money to remain quiet regarding sexual harrasment issues within the work place. I have found that to be true information as far as being told they had to “sign” agreeing never to sue. How sad. Who would ever work or do business for a company that has no interest in its customers or employees? If you are considering getting a loan, take it from me it is NOT WORTH IT. I feel better knowing that I am no longer part of such a business and hope that others will make a more conscience decision when choosing this company as a financial bail-out or employer.

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