Mr. Avraham Antine

Mr. Avraham Antine

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Published: 03 April 2021

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Individualized Treatment for MenNext Chapter Addiction Treatment is an all-male addiction and trauma program, that immerses the patient and family into a unique combination of comprehensive clinical and 12-step services. Our focus is to help guide our patients in uncovering developmental issues that stem from childhood and other difficult life events fueling their addictive and other self-destructive behaviors. Childhood issues of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and enmeshment often occur without intent by parents or other major caregivers, yet when left untreated creates significant unmanageability and relational problems in life. This makes recovery from any addiction even more complex and difficult to overcome.Our Treatment PhilosophyThere are many underlying issues that fuel the addictive process and hinder recovery, including mental illness, family of origin, personality traits and trauma. The physical, emotional and spiritual toll that addiction takes on the individual is severely damaging. Distorted belief systems and dysfunctional behavioral patterns become so embedded in the individual that only intensive therapeutic work will truly reverse these beliefs and behaviors, and equip the addict with the tools he needs to achieve long-term abstinence and recover. Next Chapter’s family program involves the entire family in the treatment and recovery process and believes it is vital to engage an individual’s family from the onset of treatment. Families are assigned their own therapist who will work closely with them throughout the treatment process. Upon admission family’s will be asked to complete their own family of origin and assessment packet. Family members along with their assigned therapist will have an opportunity to examine their own childhoods and core issues which have lead to unhealthy patterns of enabling and less than functional parenting. Our goal is for family members to get the education, support and attention they so desperately need and often do not get when loved ones are in treatment.What makes Next Chapter different?The benefits of an all-male program encourage treatment effectiveness by allowing patients to address male-specific addiction and trauma related issues. The separation of sexes during the treatment process allows for a more comfortable and focused environment for patients to explore and experience unresolved, underlying issues and the often uncomfortable emotions necessary to recovery. Gender-specific settings provide a better opportunity for core-issues to be addressed openly and freely. Withholding or stifling the underlying pain of unaddressed trauma would undeniably have negative consequences on overall progress in recovery. The male-exclusive environment that Next Chapter provides allows men to heal honestly and thoroughly. Additionally, mixed gender treatment poses the risk of relationship forming, which has a tendency to influence addictive behavior that often contributes to a relapse. At Next Chapter, we work to eliminate any potential disturbances to the effectiveness of treatment, and do our very best to provide our clients with the best opportunity to grow and succeed.

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