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Published: 24 September 2019

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Let’s talk about it. 4 years ago i met mr. Lade tom conlee, jr., the owner of mtc management in germantown, tn, at his office while dropping off my rent one day. After that day, he began to text message, email and eventually called me on the phone, begging me to meet him for lunch so after being annoyed for two months, i finally said okay. Big mistake! he began to “teach or advise me” on how to run a business as he has been in business for over 30 years. Of course, i began to listen as he knew i was starting my own consulting business And my income was very inconsistent) and i listened to every word he said. Eventually, one evening while dropping off my rent, what started off as an innocent conversation While he continued to refill my vodka/cranberry drink) led to him forcing my arms down so i couldn’t move then raped me. I never spoke a word of it to anyone… My family all live out of town and i felt alone with no one to turn to Not even my closest friends because of feeling so embarrassed and humiliated-Just discusting) and even worse, stuck here with my crazy ex husband and his drama so i stayed quiet about it for nearly 4 years… .. After that day, tom changed. He began to show up unannounced at my home, follow me places and would even leave donuts in a bag hanging on my front door knob! no name-no nothing. Crazy!! later to find out he was the responsible party. Fast forward the next 4 years of dealing with tom’s sex abuse and threats as he would always tell me that my kids and i were lucky to have him because any other landlord would have thrown us out into the streets by now and would do the same to us if i did not comply to his sexual demands!!! he has been coercing and threatening me for the last four years Shamefully i believed i needed him) but this past february 2015′ After seeking counseling about his abuse) i told him to leave me alone as i had enough of his abuse and told him if he didn’t, that i would be reporting him to the department of housing & urban development for the illegal violations Sexual harassment of a tenant living in a hostile environment), report him to the department of consumer affairs as to his unethical business practices as well as make contact with the property owner of my rental home and tell him what has really been going on!!! it was not much longer after having that discussion, that after making my usual cash payment tom had always demanded me to bring to his personal residence, instead of his office, i get an email stating he has no clue as to my money left at his house and claims to not have seen the standard sized envelope sticking out of his front door That no one could see) with $3300 in cash, inside!!!! next thing i know? I am being evicted with claims of “unpaid rent”, oh, how convenient!!!! i have fought this wrongful eviction in court and i am making everyone on the web completely aware of who he really is and what he did to me. Maybe after he is locked up he will realize he is not the big shot “landlord” As his car tags say) he thinks he is after all, and hopefully will not be able to do what he has done to me, to anyone else… Tom is a compulsive liar, he cheats people, scams his tenants out of their deposits, doesn’t pay his taxes and thinks he is above the law!… Perhaps the law shall judge him for themselves… ***please be aware all future tenants, i have spoken to over 65 former tenants that have been a victim of mr. Lade tom conlee’s “scam to steal” his tenants rental deposits by adding fraudulent charges upon move out, he will not only keep your deposit but he will add fraudulent charges that are completely unethical and illegal then mail you a final invoice to collect in full and if you do not pay it he will immediate sue you in court!!! i have spoken to one man that says he was mailed a “final bill” upon move out stating mtc management, inc./mr. Lade tom conlee, jr. Had not only kept his $1,000 dollar deposit but claimed he owed an additional $27,000 dollars!!!! he says he sued mtc management/mr. Lade tom conlee for billing him fraudulant charges and attempting to steal his deposit and won against him in court!!! i have spoken to another woman that was charged over $5,000 upon move out and have even seen these charges on mtc’s letterhead, for myself!!! then, after the lady wrote mtc management/mr. Lade tom conlee, jr. An 8 page rebuttal, “the office” took off every charge leaving just enough to cover her deposit!! what a thief!!! and, here is another one just take a peek at the most recent bbb complaint, by clicking below. It’s dated 6/22/2015 and that is plenty of time for mtc management/mr. Lade tom conlee, jr. To respond to it; however, he doesn’t even have the decency to reply back to the poor guy!!! this story is horrible!!! just click below!! www.Bbb.Org/memphis/business-reviews/property-management-companies/management-that-cares-in-germantown-tn-3000418/complaint the complaint states he lived in a personal rental home until early june 2015′ that mr. Lade thomas conlee, jr. Actually ownEd), himself!! the tenant said he paid his monthly rent every month but tom “never paid his mortgage” because he knew the irs was about to seize the property anyway for owing back taxes and just pocketed the tenants rent money!!! the tenant has now been evicted due to forclosure by the irs!!! wowwwwwwwww!!! there are a ton of more stories just like the four of these, shall anyone wish to speak with me or speak with any of these former tenants he has scammed, i have all the information you need!!! **his unlawful behavior must be stopped in a court of law and is currently in the works but we need your story too!!!! at this point, it’s not about money… We just want to stop this man from scamming innocent people and stop him ahead of time before raping his next targeted victim as i am sure there have been others that have not spoken up about his abuse, instead just kept quiet thinking it will just go away on its own!!! it will never go away and you will always have to deal with the pain and suffering he has put you through, if you never confront it. I thought the same thing as i lived in constant fear of my two children and i being evicted and thrown out on the streets!! you do not have to live in fear any longer and now would be a great time to disclose your story of his abuse and release that false belief you have dealt with. There are resources available for you and you do have a choice to close this chapter in your life!! firstly, i am available to speak with you immediately, shall anyone wish to share your story with me. I may be contacted by phone, text or email at This is my personal cell phone) and my email address is . I want to hear from you!!! management that cares, llc/mtc management inc/mr. Lade thomas conlee, jr. Is currently under investigation with hud and the mpd! note to the media, former tenants, former employees. this website and/or contact me so i may add you to the list!! thank-you for taking the time to read my post as my ultimate intent and goal is to seek justice against this horrible man who claims to “care” Management that cares…Less), thank-you sandy!! god bless and i look forward to hearing back from each and every one of you!!

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