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Published: 28 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I see many complaint dating way back concerning ‘Multy Electronics Inc.’ Any reason why they are still allowed to rip off hard working, law abiding citizens, especially from other countries?? My wife and I had a day off after a bussiness trip when we decided to go out and buy a few items for our kids and grandkids before we flew back to Africa. We were on our way to Macy’s when I saw ‘Multy Electronics Inc’. I asked my wife if we could just go in and check their prices for a ‘Go Pro’ Camera for our youngest son who is incredibly interested in movie making and is extremely creative. Coming from Africa, I figured I might get a better deal in the U.S.A. I was ‘window shopping’ when a gentleman invited me in to ‘look around’ and asked what I was interested in. I said a ‘Go Pro’ camera for my youngest. He took two off the rack and told me that ‘this’ was the latest one. I asked which one…? Both boxes had at least ‘three different’ prices on, so I asked which was the correct price? The communication was vague, but centred in principle on the one costing almost $1000 and the other around $499 … but that he could bring the price down. I explained to the representative, (I assume), that this was too expensive and was about to leave. He then explained to me that he can give me the one for $299 … and was cheaper than the ‘black one’ because it didn’t have ‘wi fi’ and some other features …. not being an expert on ‘wi fi’ devices ‘non wifi’ and a lot of talk which I did not understand, $299 seemed like a reasonable price for a ‘go pro’ camera and due to time, I could afford that for our son. The gentleman proceeded to tell me that I would need to buy a ‘memory stick’. I figured that wouldn’t be a problem and said yes please and also asked if he had a little tripod as my youngest child loves to make little lego movies. He said sure and I said he could add that and to please give me a mac charger as well as I had left my charger at my previous hotel. In my mind I didn’t think it could be more than $100?? I gave my wife our card to proceed making payment while I was discussing lenses for Nikon cameras … another gentleman had entered in from the back to attend to my wife and payment of said goods. While looking at the lenses, my wife came over with the goods. I asked her for the receipt and card and she realised that it had not been given back to her. We asked for the card back as well as for the receipt, they apologised and handed them over. I nearly fell on my back! I said “honey, something is wrong”. The approved amount on the receipt… $1077.81 …???? I asked the gentleman how did $299 become $1077.81?? He said it was the ‘extras’ we had requested!!?? I said this is ridiculous and that I was being scammed. They had also added in a battery for good measure, which was not requested, neither needed, as the ‘Go Pro’ comes with a battery? I was furious to say the least, but realised it was too late when the receipt states clearly, ‘All Sales Final’ and ‘No Refunds’. What does one do?? I was furious at the way these people had ‘ripped us off’, and outside of taking matters into my own hands, there was nothing we could do but leave. To say we felt violated was an understatement – we had been robbed in broad daylight and there was no one we could turn to. It is just such establishments that are giving the good people of America a bad name. What amazes me is that they have been doing this for years? What are we supposed to do?? Upon getting back to the hotel room, I googled the ‘Go Pro’ Camera I had purchased and discovered it was a ‘white one’ selling in good stores for $199 … a $199 ‘Go Pro’ white, plus little tripod, plus memory stick, plus mac charger, plus battery = $1077.81 … Crooks me thinks perhaps?? God Bless America, and God Bless all the victims of these ‘legal crimes’. Regards, Dr M. Bredenkamp

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