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Published: 28 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We used them for our wedding on Saturday, June 27. Everything was booked in advance so EVERYTHING should have run smoothly…. Car Number 1 Friday, June 26: A 12 passenger limo from Amagansett to Brooklyn…..this is the ONLY part of the service I was pleased with…..nice driver, got us to the location on time, helpful The day of the wedding…we ordered 3 cars, an antique Rolls Royce, a 10 passenger limo and a 25 passenger bus. All three of the cars were to pick up at the New York Marriott on West Street in Manhattan and drive to Our Lady of Angels in Bay Ridge Brooklyn….knowing how traffic in Manhattan can be, I asked for a 12:30 pick-up for the 2:00 ceremony…plenty of time barring some sort of natural disaster… Well, the Rolls Royce and the limo show up promptly at 12:30 and we are told the bus is coming…12:40, no bus yet, so we decide to let the limo and the Rolls take myself, my maid of honor our parents and the children to Brooklyn….drivers rudely informed us that we can’t take the tunnel because tunnel fees are not included, we volunteer to pay the toll..they take the tunnel and pull out an ezpass…why would you even mention anything about tolls if you have ezpass?? We arrive at the church around 1:15 and begin waiting…..and waiting…the groom and the other members of the wedding party try to contact the bus…….the bus FINALLY arrives at the Marriott at 1:11 (40 MINUTES AFTER THE SCHEDULED TIME) and the driver insists on taking the Manhattan Bridge and driving down 4th Avenue to Bay Ridge……they arrived at the church over 45 MINUTES LATE!!! Thank god the priest allowed the wedding to start at 2:50 instead of 2:00 when it was supposed to start… Now that it’s later it is also POURING!! so we can’t take pictures at the parks as was planned and we telly he driver we’re going to stop and pick up our lunch at Cannonball Park (on the way bad to Manhattan) and then head back to the hotel so we can take some pictures there…..both the party bus and the limo stop at the park and we pick up lunch…..then we start driving back towards Manhattan. I (the Bride) am on the bus with my entire wedding party….grandparents, parents and children are in the limo which apparently had a competent driver because they got back to the hotel in 45 minutes……. The party bus driver tries to get on the BELT PARKWAY GOING EAST!!!! two problems, Manhattan is WEST and the bus cannot go on the parkway!!!!! Luckily we were paying attention and alerted the driver to this and he BACKS UP THE ON RAMP ONTO THE VERY BUSY SHORE ROAD…… then he says….no highways….and drives up 4th Avenue to Manhattan. Yes, as the owner of the company repeatedly told us, there was traffic, but if we were on the highway we would have been fine (we hired a Hampton Jitney Bus for our guests to do this same run….same type of bus, left Brooklyn at the same time…got to the Manhattan hotel in 45 minutes) so it takes this driver 2 hours and 45 minutes on 4th avenue to drive to the Manhattan Bridge….needless to say, we never went to the hotel because at this point we were late for our cocktail hour (we and originally allowed 3 HOURS between ceremony and reception for pictures) and we have NO WEDDING PICTURES. NOT ONE SINGLE PICTURE OF OUR WEDDING…and a photographer at $350 an hour who sat on a bus and looked at Brooklyn. Then there was a road closed in Manhattan and it was taking even longer and at this point, 2 hours and 45 minutes after leaving the church, I was finished and frustrated so myself and the entrée wedding party got off the bus and WALKED the 3 blocks to our wedding Reception, missing most of the cocktail hour and ending up absolutely SOAKING WET in by dress 🙁 Went in to have a meeting with the owner today (Friday, July 24th, i’s so long after because we just returned from our honeymoon)….he was 30 minutes late for the meeting so we initially delt with the manager who was offing us $500 back for a $1500 bus which literally ruined our wedding……and the owner finally showed up..saying traffic happens and people are always late for their weddings and insisting that we pay for at least half of the bus (we didn’t we settled on $500 to cover the cost of gas and the drivers pay….not for nothing but I would have fired the driver immediately if he was 40 minutes late for a WEDDING pick-up time) but acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary and no big deal……if the priest hadn’t been so understanding we wouldn’t have been married and if a member of the wedding party hand’t been paying attention we would have caused an accident not he Belt Parkway….

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