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Published: 14 January 2018

Posted by: Piyush T

Bhavyam Infotech & MyCareerCube headquartered in Singapore both are same entity ( ). They are big time Scam Fraud. Writing this review so that others don”t get duped by their conning methods. I was approached by Aniket Arora from MyCareerCube for TOGAF Certification. I was Offered combined Part 1 & Part 2 Certification Voucher (which if I don”t clear in first attempt, they would provide re-test voucher), an access to training portal and test practice data. They offered all this at 495 USD. Aniket was very persistent in selling the voucher, it started off on professional ground on advantages of services offered at the price. I saw some complaints on Google for #scam & #fraud and was reluctant to purchase but he kept saying matter is to defame them and there are no complaints, but when I did not show any interest of buying the service, then the tone changed to cribbing of young kid, his first job, targets to meet and crying I will lose my job. Started off with filmy dialogues, I am god fearing and trust me I will make sure you get all the services promised and I will be around to support any help needed. Well since he desperately needed to sell the voucher, I negotiated on the price and finally we settled at all the above services @ 450 USD. Felt I got good deal? This is where the trouble started. They took sweet time and follow ups to grant me Voucher and access to Training Portal. The Training Portal was piece of crap (do not want to defame the portal as they have nothing to do with this complaint). The lectures were not of good quality, the internal quiz for Part 2 missed the answer to check if you are correct & understood the subject. When I approached Aniket he said it”s not his problem, I need to check with the Portal service desk, so I did and they said the answers differ and we could connect you to our SME to discuss particular question you may have at additional cost!! I raised this concern with Aniket and he promised me to get better training access, after continuous follow up he finally gave me login of someone saying he is a friend doing TOGAF and I could use his login. The material was good, but it was short lived, I guess he befriended some other customer in getting login information, because the user might have realized the progress bar & bookmark change and immediately changed the login password. Now we were back to square, when I raised my concern he said I am trying to get someone to share login credentials for better training portal, when I asked him why the discrimination, he said it is because you bought the voucher cheap and hence you get access to crap training material. So I asked him why wasn”t I told that if I negotiate and buy voucher at cheap rate the training material would be impacted he went defensive saying he is doing me a favor of attending my call, and trying to get better training material for me so I should stop chasing him and let him try if he can get someone to share the portal credentials. By the way I never got the test practice dump nor alternate training portal access. Conclusion: If you are being approached by Bhavyam Infotech or MyCareerCube, beware and don”t fall for all the wooing and crying. The after sales service is crap and entire offer is Scam & Fraud to sell bulk purchased vouchers and sub-standard training material with no promises. I would advice everyone to skip the call and block their numbers to save you time and money and all the hustling and whining that will follow once you show interest in buying the voucher. Outcome on my issues so far stands at you have Voucher at lower price, now deal with Training Material on your own and practice test to clear the exam. If you fail to clear the exam, we will see how to help you on re-test, but I am skeptical if that would be smooth after the experience, I have had with them.

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