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Companies House Tax Fraud, Class A Drugs and Kids, Witness Tampering, Data Violations, International Drug Trafficking

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Published: 14 September 2020

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Nancy Swinnen had to close down her work with the Class A drug ayahuasca after her following claiming to be of love and light were the subject of 200 or more police reports detailing threats of violence, threats to smear, mockery, intimidation and blaming other people for police raids finding large amounts of banned substances including big sacks of weed destined for sale at the Santo Daime Summer Camps

The group, with a police record for illegally importing Class A drugs, tried to criminalize a witness with malice but ultimately were unsuccessful in concealing tax evasion and were caught out cheating Uncle Sam whilst threatening to shut down the accounts of those who talked, or who asked for receipts for donations made. Nancy Swinnen claimed to be of love and light but was also involved in mocking witnesses in justice proceedings as sick liars and mentally sick peodophiles, she was also involved in trying to pretend a donor of her organization was a liar and never donated, using people to try and shut down the donors bank account without legal authorization. However, in the end she had to stop taking black money for drug retreats and close down the bank accounts for her ayahuasca retreats, she falsified a resignation at Companies House and helped to fiddle the books, she also helped to cover for nasty witness harassment including threats to denounce people falsely as peodophiles.

When told to apologize the response was to get a change of pants ready, or expect violence and murder, or being smeared as mentally sick, or to be killed before the police can help.

Nancy Swinnen had to close down the bank accounts and was warned to expect a 20 year tax audit and having to pay back to HMRC many thousands in undeclared revenue after the organization was caught lying to Companies House and using accountants to commit tax fraud against the State.

Santo Daime United Kingdom were involved in trying to discredit Court witnesses as mentally sick as well as providing assistance for those on police bail to evade detection and humiliate witnesses and it involved Nancy Swinnen. The documentation related to 351 counts of witness harassment and intimidation was presented to the European Court of Human Rights after an attempt to murder a witness was unsuccessful, as were several attempts to imprison a witness on false and fabricated evidence, sponsored by Santo Daime.

The Santo Daime Church in its legal standing throughout Europe was totalled beyond repair and Adrian Freedman was told his cause was beyond help after he was involved in threatening to murder witnesses in criminal judicial proceedings and then inciting malicious hatred.

The UK High Court denied Santo Daime UK any right of appeal, they poured vast sums of money down the toilet petitioning the Prime Minister, but she turned around and said no after being advised that Santo Daime comes under banned and dangerous Class A substances.

Nancy Swinnen stopped laughing when one individual, a documented member of the Santo Daime Church with full membership papers, faces 12-15 years behind bars for aggravated drug trafficking amongst various other criminal charges including absconding from bail, threatening witnesses with being smeared as mentally sick peodophiles, making death threats, posting death threats and malicious defamation.

In 2018 and 2019 the authorities decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Santo Daime the freedom to import Santo Daime. Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries.

Nancy Swinnen and Gabriela Dworecki Domingues were unable to muster up enough support to denounce a Court witness to substance dealing in Class A substances as a mentally sick and deranged peodophile.

Nancy Swinnen was importing Class A drugs into the UK, the 2010 Customs and Excise operation in the United Kingdom that impounded quantities of Class A drugs and involved the Serious Crimes and Anti-Terrorist Group based in London. The charge was Fraudulently Evading Prohibition on a Banned Substance.

In 2018 Adrian Freedman and Nancy Swinnen were referred to HMRC for tax fraud and presenting fraudulent accounts to Companies House United Kingdom, after which their work was formally dissolved after the UK High Court struck out their Article 9 claims.

In the run up to a hearing in the European Court of Human Rights members of Santo Daime named Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria wrote to various witnesses and bad mouthed them, slagging them off, insulting them, posting threats of violence and murder, implying they were sick retards and liars whilst copying the European Court of Human Rights in some of the emails.

Nancy Swinnen and Santo Daime UK was ordered to pay (£155, 000) in legal claims in relation to criminal harassment from the organization known as The Santo Daime Church UK and she was put on a no-admit list to the European Union once border authorities decided to get involved after a spate of high profile arrests, deaths and suicides associated with ayahuasca.

Nancy Swinnen stopped laughing when 11 countries criminalized the work of the Santo Daime and her work with Class A’s.


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